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Whether you’re installing an update or a new extension or your pages are becoming unresponsive, sometimes a reboot is required. Your Chrome browser can be easily restarted in seconds whether you’re on a Mac or a Windows PC. There is a way that guarantees that your open tabs will immediately reappear after you restart, as well. 

How to Restart Google Chrome?
How to Restart Google Chrome?

How can you restart Google Chrome browser without losing tabs? 

If you need to restart Chrome but want to ensure the tabs you have open aren’t lost in the process, follow the given steps. 

On a Mac computer or Windows PC, type chrome://restart in the address bar, then tap Enter/Return key on your keyboard to execute the command. The browser will automatically restart along with the tabs you previously had open. 

How can you restart Google Chrome browser on a Mac? 

If you don’t want open tabs to re-open, you can restart Chrome by simply shutting the application down, then re-opening it. 

In the menu at the top, click on the Chrome button, then click on Quit Google Chrome from the dropdown menu. OR. Enter the keyboard shortcut Command + Q.  

When you want to re-open Chrome, simply click on the application icon on your desktop or in the Applications folder of your Mac’s Finder. 

How can you restart Google Chrome browser on Windows? 

If you want to restart Chrome on a Windows PC without re-opening open tabs, click the X in the top-right corner of the window. 

To reopen Chrome, just double-click the Chrome icon on your desktop, or the Start menu, or in your computer’s application folder. 

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