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Google apologizes to Kannada people for “Ugliest language” results

Google apologizes to Kannada people for "Ugliest language" results HalfofThe
Google apologizes to Kannada people for "Ugliest language" results HalfofThe

A Google search result with keywords “Ugliest language in India” turned out as “Kannada”, which raised outrage in Karnataka state. Google officially released an apology for it and removed the search result. Karnataka Government decided to send legal notices to Google over this issue despite the apology issued.

It all started when a user found the search result and called out Google for its response on Twitter. Many of them retweeted it and called out Google, soon the news reached media outlets gathering national attention. Quickly realizing the seriousness of the issue Google fixed the issue within hours and issued an apology in both English and Kannada languages.

Some of the tweets that gathered Google Kannada issue attention.

After a while Google removed the search result, but users still questioned Google on what basis did that search result was published. Google later clarified they removed a website from search results that is hosted in Moscow. Here is the tweet confirming it.

This whole issue created a huge backlash on Google for a while. Stating this issue Google issued a apology in its official India Twitter account.

The apology says “Search isn’t always perfect, sometimes search results can be surprising for different queries. Google keeps working continuously to fix any issues reported based on their search results.”

Here goes the full statement issued by Google India. (Source: Google Twitter India)

Google India Apologies to Kannada people
Google apologizes to Kannada people for "Ugliest language" results HalfofThe
Google India apologies Kannada people
Google apologizes to Kannada people for "Ugliest language" results HalfofThe

Despite the apology issued by Google, Karnataka government decided to send notices to google on this issue. Talking about this issue former Cheif Minister of Karnataka state HD Kumaraswamy stated, “Not just Kannada, no other language is ugly. Adding such abuse to any language is painful.” He also asked “Is it that hard for Google to curb such hatred results on any language?”.

Google is currently one of the fastest growing tech giant in India and they are actively participating in improving internet services in India. This issue is not going to impact Google much if they don’t repeat such hatred search results on any language in future.

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