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Netflix is a great streaming service that provides a ton of content to watch on all sorts of different devices. However, there are times, you encounter Netflix error codes that stop you from watching what you want.

It is always annoying to see an error being displayed while you are trying to binge your new or favorite series. So, what are some of the most common Netflix error codes you are likely to encounter, and how can you fix them?

How to Fix the Netflix Error Code -1001 and 0-1157?

Common Netflix Error Codes? How to Fix Them?
Common Netflix Error Codes? How to Fix Them?

The error codes displayed as “Sorry, we are not able to reach the Netflix service. (-1001)” or “An error has occurred loading the content.” mean that there is something stopping your device from connecting to the Netflix servers.

Your first option to resolve the issue is to simply restart the app or the device. If this does not work, the problem is likely with the router. Check your Wi-Fi signal, and try to improve it by taking your device closer. Try connecting to a different network. If that works, then it could be that something is wrong with your Wi-Fi.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code 11800?

You will be able to spot Netflix error 11800 when there is a problem with the playback of your selected content on a mobile device. Generally, this error code will be accompanied by either one of the two messages:

A problem occurred while playing the item. Try again later, or you can select a different item. Visit for further information.


Can’t play this title. Please try again sometime later.

The above message with the error code indicates that the information which is on your device is out of date or corrupted and it requires a refresh. Typically, you will encounter this error on an Apple device, for example, an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

The easiest way you can fix the error is to restart your device. This will clear out any old information used by the Netflix app; this allows you to reload the content. If this does not work, you should try to update the Netflix app from the App Store.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code 118119?

This error typically occurs on Apple products, for example, iPads, iPhones, or anything running the Apple TV. This error occurs when some of the data on your device has to be refreshed.

To fix the Netflix error code 118119, you would have to restart your device, all you need to do is literally turn it off and on again. This is a more laborious method for Apple TV because you will have to unplug the TV from the power source, leave it for two minutes, then plug it back.

How to Fix the Netflix Error Code F7111-5059?

This error will be encountered if you try to access Netflix from a browser when you are using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy.

As Netflix only has the right to show some content in certain countries, the company restricts users from accessing content from outside their native country. So, the service has been cracking down on people who use a VPN to access Netflix.

This can prove to be annoying if you happen to be using a VPN or proxy for security reasons rather than trying to change your region because you cannot safely connect to the Netflix website. Instead, you might have to disconnect your VPN or proxy, then refresh the page to get rid of the error.

How to Fix the Netflix Playback Error Code 10013?

Common Netflix Error Codes? How to Fix Them?
Common Netflix Error Codes? How to Fix Them?

This error code similarly arises when you happen to be using the Netflix app and are trying to download an episode or movie while you are connected to a VPN or proxy. If so, you will be able to see the error message:

“There was a problem with the download. (10013)

To fix the issue, you will have to disable your VPN or proxy. After it is disabled, you will be able to download the content without errors.

How to Fix Netflix Error 10023-10008

This error arises when a network connectivity issue affects your ability to download content for the iOS app. This generally happens when there is a block of some kind on the internet connection. For example, if you happen to be on a school or work Wi-Fi network, there might be a firewall in place, this could be blocking the stream.

To fix the error, you should try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network.

Alternatively, this error sometimes might be caused due to having the incorrect time on your device. Make sure you check your device’s date and time settings are correct.

How to Fix Netflix Error 10025 or 30103?

The errors are accompanied by a message saying, “Cannot play title. Please try again later.” This generally happens when your Netflix app is out of date. First, try updating the Netflix application. If updating doesn’t fix the problem, uninstall, then reinstall the app.

This error can also sometimes be fixed if you restart your device.

Say you are using an HDMI adapter to watch content from an Apple device on an external display, you need to make sure that you are using one of the compatible HDMI adapters.

How to Fix Netflix Error (AVF:11800;OS:42800;)

Using the Netflix app, you will be able to download episodes or movies to your device to watch when you do not have internet access. However, there are times when you try to do this and get an error saying, “This title can no longer be streamed offline. (AVF:11800;OS:42800;).”

This means that the downloaded file you are trying to watch has become corrupted, it could have been deleted or moved. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to fix this if you do not currently have an internet connection because you have to re-download the file.

However, say you do have accessible internet, then you can easily fix the error. Visit the Downloads section of the app by either clicking the arrow icon at the bottom of the app. Or, you can just tap the menu icon and tap on My Downloads. Then, tap on Edit, which can be found in the top-right corner of the screen. Choose the file that is not working, then tap on the red X icon to delete it.

Then, re-download the episode or the movie, and you should be able to watch it like you usually do.

How to Fix Netflix Error UI-800-3

The Netflix error UI-800-3 will appear when you are using a device, like a Blu-ray player, Roku box, games console, smart TV, or Fire TV Stick. The error indicates that the information stored on your device is out of date and that it requires a refresh.

This error can be simply fixed by restarting your device. If the restart doesn’t work, you can try signing out of Netflix on your device, then signing back in. Finally, if sign in, and sign out doesn’t work either, you can disconnect the device from the network, restart the router, then reconnect the device.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7111-1331?

Common Netflix Error Codes? How to Fix Them?
Common Netflix Error Codes? How to Fix Them?

This error appears when you access Netflix from a browser, specifically when you use Google Chrome.

Firstly, this might indicate you are using a link to a page that no longer exists, for example, you might have used a bookmark to access Netflix. To fix this error, you can go directly to (this will redirect to your local version).

The second reason is that this could be caused by an incompatibility issue with one of your browser extensions. You can try disabling browser extensions to fix this error.

How to Fix a “Network Error” or Error NW-2-5/NW-3-6

If you are using an iOS device, you might have spotted an error saying, “Network Error, a network connection is required to continue downloading.” Or if you are on a device like a games console, smart TV, or Blu-ray player, you might have spotted the error codes, NW-2-5 or NW-3-6.

All of the codes indicate a network connectivity issue, this issue is preventing your device from contacting the Netflix servers. To fix the connecting issue, first, restart the device. If restarting does not work, you can try going closer to your Wi-Fi source to get a better signal. Or, you could just use a wired connection. If even this doesn’t solve the issue, then, restart the router.

How to Fix an “Unexpected Error” on Netflix?

One of the most common errors you will encounter is when you are using Netflix in a web browser. A message saying, “There was an unexpected error. Please reload the page and try again” might appear.

To fix the error, do as it suggests: refresh the page, then try again. If that does not seem to work, you can try clearing the browser’s cache as well as the browser history. Or, you can just restart your computer.

How to Fix the Netflix Error Code NW-4-7?

The error code NW-4-7 is a tad bit more complicated as it varies depending on your device.

This means that it can be either a connectivity issue or that the data on the device needs refreshing. You will have to take similar steps as above, for example, restarting your device as well as the app, and also checking the Wi-Fi connection (especially if you happen to be connected to a network that might not allow streaming).

If you are watching Netflix through a game console and have already tried these options, you will have to verify your DNS settings. This is in your Xbox or PlayStation’s menu, set your DNS to Automatic. PlayStation also lets you Test Connection; if that works, Netflix should work as well. If not, then there is likely a problem with the home network.

Troubleshooting so that you can Fix Other Netflix Error Codes

If you have looked through this whole article and still can’t find the specific error code Netflix is displaying you, you might have spotted a few potential solutions already.

Various fixes apply to numerous situations and errors. These are:

  • Restarting the device.
  • Checking the Wi-Fi signal.
  • Changing to a different network (which might not always be a possibility).
  • Disconnecting from the VPN or proxy server.

Try all of the above-mentioned solutions if you can, and if none work to fix the error code, you will either have to wait for a while (as it happens that sometimes the issues fix themselves in the background; for example, if a title is particularly popular which might be the reason the service is experiencing high traffic.) Or, you can contact Netflix directly.

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