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Disney Plus error codes bring the streaming to a shuddering halt. However, it does not have to be that way from now. As seen with the mini-outages on Disney Plus, you are told in a whole lot of ways that there is something wrong. Error codes 42 and 76 are usually most encountered during busy periods, and it is frustrating. Yet, I will help guide you through the consignment of Disney Plus errors as well as “service unavailable” messages to get you back on track.  

Disney Plus error codes and how to fix them?
Disney Plus error codes and how to fix them?

Below, not just the major error codes are listed, there are also ways for you to fix them, along with that the resources to help you if there’s no official workaround are also given.  

What can be done if you cannot log in to Disney Plus?  

First things first: you should contact Disney Plus Help on Twitter. You could instead visit their Help Centre and search for the error code that is displayed on your screen, or you could email them using the address [email protected]. If all methods of contact fail, you can contact their (US-only) customer service number: 888-905-7888.  

Though I have given ways to deal with error codes, there is no guarantee that they will always work for everyone, so, contacting Disney directly will almost always be the best course of action.  

Unable to connect to Disney Plus: is Disney Plus down?  

As thousands upon thousands of people are trying to connect to Disney Plus simultaneously, there are bound to be a few errors. If you see an “unable to connect” message followed by the app telling you “There is an issue connecting to the Disney+ service” then the servers are having issues. This could happen during peak times, especially when a new series is launched.  

You should try logging out, closing the app, then logging back in. You might as well check your internet settings/router in case that happens to be the problem, you could also try different devices, including your consoles as well as mobile if possible. Finally, if you are in a region that does not currently have Disney+ and you happen to be using a VPN, that might be the cause of the error messages.   

If everything fails, make sure you contact the Disney+ Help account on Twitter, as they might let you know if there are any problems or if it is a case of planned maintenance. The Disney Plus Help Centre is another great resource for you to deal with error codes.  

We could not complete the payment’: how to fix the Disney+ Credit Card issue  

You might be renewing or starting a Disney Plus sub, and might be trying to pay and instead get the error message: “We could not complete the payment request using the credit card information provided. Please re-enter your credit card details. Or, use another mode of payment.”  

Disney suggests you to check if your postal/ZIP code is correct and if the security code on the back of your card has been entered correctly; if the billing address matches your home address (if applicable). And whether the expiration date is the same as what is on your card. 

Disney Plus error code 4  

This error code is a case of checking your payment details, especially if a new payment month is due. You might have either used a card that has expired. Or, maybe the one that is not from a region that currently offers Disney+.  

Disney Plus error code 9  

This error code is simple: you have been logged out and you require to log back in. If it persists, you can try changing your password.  

Disney Plus error code 11  

If you have encountered Disney+ error code 11 then it is a simple case of you currently watching Disney Plus in a region that does not have access to it. Even if you happen to be a US citizen who bought it in America, and let’s assume you went on a holiday to a country that does not have it, then, sadly, you will not be able to use Disney Plus.  

Disney Plus error code 13  

Disney Plus error code 13 is one of the easiest to fix. You will encounter this error message when you have reached your limit of devices that can be used with one account. So, if you already have 4 devices linked to Disney Plus, but are trying to log in to a fifth, you will have to log out of one of the existing devices. 

Disney Plus error code 22  

The error code 22 can be either a good thing or a bad thing. The message is due to Kids Mode blocking anything that might be categorized as unsuitable for younger viewers. If your kids happen to be complaining, you can ignore them. If you encounter it, you will have to head into settings to turn off Kids Mode.  

Disney Plus error code 24  

Error code 24 generally occurs once signal and/or broadband speed experiences a drop. You can try giving your router a reboot, you could also contact your ISP if any other issues persist.  

Disney Plus error code 29  

“We are sorry, but we can’t play the video requested. Please try again. If  

the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code 29)”  

This error code has to do with possible internet or server issues. You need to check your connection speed first before you check online in case Disney Plus has suddenly gone offline, which happening is rare.  

Disney Plus error code 31  

The error code 31 will tell you that the app is having trouble verifying the location. You need to make sure that you are not using a VPN, you should also make sure you are connected to a private network. Make sure you turned on your location settings, as well, if you are using an iPhone or an iPad.  

Disney Plus error code 39  

The error code 39 says: “This means the video you are trying to watch can’t be watched right now. This might be due to a rights availability or other issues with Disney+.”  

However, this error typically revolves around streaming Disney Plus via its Xbox One app. First, you need to make sure you are not currently streaming via PC, mobile, or other devices simultaneously while using the Xbox One application. If that does not work, you can try changing the HDMI port on your TV to your Xbox. Yes, this is a minor change, however, this could fix the error code 39. 

Disney Plus error code 41  

“We are sorry; however, we cannot play the video requested,” is essentially what error code 41 means.  

Error 41 is displayed when the system appears to be overloaded due to a traffic spike. For example, when big shows are dropping, and everyone’s trying to watch a single show at once, which cause the stress levels might get too much and you could see this error.   

Disney Plus error code 42  

“Check to see that you are connected to the Internet and try again (Error Code 42)” is what you will observe in this which is one of the most frequent Disney Plus error codes.  

If rebooting your router, or switching to a wired connection to your device does not work, then you will have to go contact the Disney Plus help team as this is one of the few Disney Plus error codes which does not have a steady fix.  

Disney Plus error code 43  

You tend to encounter the error code 43 on Disney Plus when you are attempting to watch a movie or series that was on your watchlist but has since been removed. Sometimes, the app does not update your watchlists after the content expires, so you need to be wary of that. 

Disney Plus error code 73  

Another new error code that has surfaced, Disney+ error code 73 supposedly has something to do with your IP address. Disney suggests not using a VPN if you happen to be using one. If you are not, then make sure location settings are turned on through the Settings on your device.  

Disney Plus error code 76  

The error code 76 simply displays, “We are currently experiencing slow Internet connection speeds.”  

Disney+ error code 76 is similar to 41 as it is tied to the amount of traffic as well as potential server overload. The basic fixes can sometimes be all that’s needed: uninstall the app and re-install it, log out and log back in, and try rebooting the router, as well. Again, just contacting Disney or waiting a little longer for the service to sort itself out, is not a bad option either. There is nothing much that can be done from your side.  

Disney Plus error code 83  

Error code 83 is the center of attention for various message boards as well as Twitter threads. This seems to stem from using Disney Plus on a mobile or while using mobile data, for example, a hotspot or the data plan, or while using Roku devices. You should connect to your home wi-fi as well as try another compatible device to see if that works.  

Error 83, is by far the most prevalent. There is no known fix as of now so the best course of action is to contact Disney.  

Disney Plus error code 86  

“We are sorry; the account has been blocked” is a pretty scary error code to encounter. Hopefully, you can deal with this easily.  

This Disney Plus error code requires you to contact Customer Service. That is because your account has been blocked, why? It may have been hacked, however, let us hope not. You will need to re-activate it. If you have not done so already, it is a good time to also change your Disney+ password.  

No error codes  

Well, this is unhelpful. If you have spotted a ‘No Error Code’ message, try restarting your app until  

A) You either encounter a more useful error code number  

B) Until it goes away all by itself. Again, try logging in and out.  

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