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How to download the audio using the YouTube Audio library?
How to download the audio using the YouTube Audio library?

If you happen to be on a tight budget, or maybe you just can’t find the perfect audio track for your video project, you don’t need to panic. There are many free audio tracks on YouTube that are up for grabs, all thanks to YouTube Audio Library.

The YouTube Audio Library is a collection of music along with sound effects from various genres, artists, as well as moods for use on YouTube content. In this article, we will show you how you can take advantage of YouTube’s music library to add flavor to your videos.

How to Use Music & Sound Effects from the YouTube Audio Library?

YouTube has made it easy to add royalty-free music as well as sound effects to your videos. To use the YouTube Audio library music tracks in your videos, just follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the left sidebar of YouTube Studio, then scroll down till you find the Audio library. Click on it to get begin.
  2. After you’re in the Audio library section, you will be able to see three tabs: Free music, Sound effects, and Starred. You should also be able to see a search bar that displays search or filter, that has several different categories listed in dropdown menus next to each other. These categories include artist name, genre, mood, duration, as well as Creative Commons license in order to help you decide on which song best suits your needs.
  3. Under Free music, say you choose a category you like, say, Genre > Alternative & Punk, then you click on APPLY. If not, you can type in keywords in the search bar. Either one of the two methods will show you a list of tracks.
  4. You can Preview the music by clicking on the Play icon, this can be found next to the track title. If you like the track, click on the Star to its left to add it to the Starred tab.
  5. If you want to add sound effects to your video, you have to return to the YouTube Audio Library. Then, visit the Sound effects, then use the search and filter functions to locate suitable sounds. Say, you only care about dog sounds, just enter “cat” in the search function to display all relevant sound effects. You can add your favorite sound effect to Starred.
  6. After starring, you have the ability to add them to your videos via YouTube Studio’s built-in video editor. Visit Content > Uploads, then click the video you want the track added to.
  7. Next, click on Editor from the left pane, this will open the video editor. Click on Add a track, this will open the Free music as well as Starred tabs. Visit the Starred and search for your music or sound effects either by name or by keyword.
  8. After you locate it, tap on it, then click on ADD, then click on SAVE. YouTube will then add the track to your selected video. Note – you can add multiple sound effects or music simultaneously.
  9. After you finished adding music and sound effects, click on Publish to share your video on the platform. You can save it as Unlisted if you want to edit it later.

You have the ability to trim and cut your video, add music to it, as well as blur faces along with other objects in the built-in YouTube video editor. That may be enough for a basic video, however, if you want to add flair up to your project with titles, effects, or other components, you might have to use a more sophisticated video editor.

You can Add Music to Your Videos for Free Using YouTube’s Audio Library

YouTube has a lot of free sound effects as well as music that you can use to add flavor to your videos. These include everything from video game sounds, animal noises, along with ambient noise to royalty-free songs available for download on their website.

Now that you know how to use the YouTube music library, you can go ahead and start adding music as well as sound effects to all of your videos. If none of those audio tracks seem to be working for you, you can either create your original soundtrack. OR. You can get one from the many royalty-free music sites for YouTube videos.

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