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Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds- Launches next week

Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds- Launches next week
Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds- Launches next week

The much-awaited nothing ear 1 wireless earbuds are finally here! The first product of the nothing company, nothing ear (1) will be launching next week. This company is owned by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, and nothing (1) will come with 24-hour battery life and noise cancellation feature. These wireless headphones come with a transparent case that will support wireless charging for ten minutes of in-case charge to offer up to 36 hours of battery life when ANC is turned off. If you want these nothing headphones then get ready as they launch on 27th July in India!

The wireless charging supports QI charging, so you can ignore carrying your cable if you are already using a charging pad for your phone. The first device from the startup Nothing is earbuds that will come with a transparent case. The square module in the middle serves as the charging dock, and there’s also a micro USB cable to charge it out of the box. The earbuds are built so that they rest nicely on a tiny pedestal built into the plastic casing at an angle – almost like how someone would prop up their phone for media consumption.

How much will Nothing Ear 1 Wireless earbuds cost?

Well, although the name says nothing, you should pay something to get nothing. They will be available in the US, India, Europe, and UK. The Nothing Ear 1 earbuds will be $99 in the US, and they will come for Rs 5,999 in India (via Flipkart). It might come under a mid-range earbud with that price point, but Carl Pie promises this will be a competition to Apple AirPods in terms of quality and features.

“It’s taken time for us to create the transparent case,” Pei said. “But I know now why not a lot of companies try this. “Though there were a few challenges along the way, Pei is glad he pushed and submitted. “The two other design ideas that we canceled wouldn’t have stood out as much or made us proud,” he said.

“We’re primarily going to be focused on online sales channels, we are going to be able to [make it] — I wouldn’t say ‘affordable,’ but quite a fair price to consumers,” Pei explained. With the Ear (1), it’s a much more costly design than non-transparent headphones. “I think it will be a good price at $99 USD, €99 Euros and £99″. Feature-wise, they are similar to the AirPods Pro, with an all-inclusive Apple ecosystem for audio app support. The only difference is that Bose has built long hours of battery life into their wireless earphones – 24 hours in active noise.

Should you buy Nothing?

Well, if the below-mentioned features seem interesting, and you want to try something out of the box, then nothing is that something.

  • Nothing ear one headphone will be available in the US, India, Europe, and UK. They are priced at $99 for the USA
  • It is a company owned by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pie, which specializes in making wireless headphones with a noise cancellation feature and 24-hour battery life. It was founded last year
  • They come with a 570 mAh battery pack that can offer up to 36 hours of battery life when ANC is turned off, but if you’re looking forward to using it constantly then these batteries won’t last long due to their 560mAh capacity
  • The transparent case also serves as an easy way of charging your device on the go because there’s just a micro USB cable required for charging nothing ear (one) headphones

There were a few challenges along the way, but nothing Ear’s first wireless pair of headphones will be launching on 27th July in India with an expected price tag of Rs. 5900 or $99 for the US and Europe respectively. If you want this nothing ear one earbud then get ready as they launch next week!

Tearing up the rulebook is never easy. We had to start from scratch and develop new processes to make our design a reality. Get ready for the Sound of Change on 27th July with Nothing Ear 1.

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