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How will Spatial audio work on Apple TV HalfofThe
How will Spatial audio work on Apple TV HalfofThe

If you are not following up with the latest updates from Apple, they recently had a big WWDC 2021 event. Apple introduced many perks in its products including, Spatial audio. Although this feature is announced and is already implemented in Airpods and Airpods max, in this event, Apple announced it to Apple TVs. In case you missed the event, we covered all the highlights of the event on our website make sure you check it out. This can be a huge update for users since spatial audio is supposed to introduce you to new dimensions of watching a movie experience.

How Spatial audio works?

If you are new to the term Spatial Audio, let me explain how it works. “Spatial Audio will track your head moment using the accelerometer in headphones. This tracking will help the on-screen audio will be in place while the user moves the head in different directions. This will help you give an immersive movie-watching experience.”

What devices support Spatial Audio currently?

Well, if you expected Apple Homepod, the premium speakers of Apple to support this feature you’ll be surprised to find it does not. Currently, Apple is slowly rolling this feature to all its products and we only have a handful of devices that support this feature.

Apple TV’s (2017 and 2021 models)
Airpods with H1 and M1 chips
Beats headphones with H1 and M1 chips
The latest iPhone built-in speakers with M1 chips
iPad latest models with M1 chips

Finally, how will this work with Apple Tv?

In the WWDC event, Apple announced that TV users can take advantage of the new Spatial audio feature, but did not give any clear explanation on how it will work or how to use it. Recently, Apple spoke to Engadget giving a clear idea of how this works. Currently, this feature will only support 5.1, 7.1, Stereo, and Dolby Atmos content on Apple TV. You can either be paired to Airpods Max or Airpods pro and, this should work using the software built into them.

The software inside them will widen while connected to the TV and give you an entire room filled with sound. The head tracking feature will help TV determine where your location is and lock that location. Once, you move from that location the feature reactivates and follows you. This will give an entire room spread sound effects while watching your favorite TV Shows or Movies. The only catch to this is, you should always be wearing an Airpods pro or Airpods max.

How to connect your Airpods to TV?

Connecting your Airpods to your TV is also simple and similar to how you connect it to your iPhone or iPad. Just bring Airpods closer to your TV and it should give you a popup to connect. Remember this is the latest feature and is still under development. Although it does an amazing job, it still is not perfect and you might notice it not being able to give you exact sound experience sometimes.

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