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Apple WWDC 2021 Live Event Highlights

Apple WWDC 2021 is here and check this space for live updates and highlights of the show. The latest updates will be placed on top.

Apple WWDC 2021 Live event

And, that’s the end of it.

Public Beta from next month. Apple WWDC 2021

Apple introduces new features for Developers

Now Shortcuts are available in macOS Monterey.

macOS introduces Universal control. You can use a single mouse and keyboard for both your Mac and iPad at once. (This is cool)

MAC OS Monterey

Siri is now available on third-party devices. Will be available later this year.

You can select HomePod Mini as a speaker for your Apple TV.

You can watch TV Shows by using Siri commands using iPhone or Apple Watch.

The home keys feature can unlock your door.

Apple Home

Apple WWDC showcases new personal photos watch faces

Apple new fitness features and new series of workouts for its Apple Fitness Plus.

Apple new Animation for relaxation

Apple Watch

New Health sharing feature to keep a track of your loved ones.


New privacy features for Safari that blocks third-party tracking.

Apple iCloud adds a new feature called Legacy.

Siri can now do on-device processing.

The new screen that shows all website is an App talking or sharing information.

Your IP Address is being hidden in Safari and now it is introduced in Apps.

Mail privacy protection (Preventing senders to see when and where you opened your email)

Apple addressing Privacy in its apps

You can now build apps for iPhone and iPad on the iPad itself.

Translate is introduced on the iPad.

iPadOS comes with a new set of Keypad shortcuts.

Now, notes can make use of mentions and tags.

IPadOS with the latest updates (Including widgets)

That’s the end of IO 15 Features

Apple adds new features to Apple Maps

Apple wallet can store your ID including Drivers license and State ID.

Apple wallet improving keys feature with Ultra wide band. You can also add your work id and use your phone to check in to work. Hotel rooms etc are also supported now.

Apple photos will create videos based on your photos. It is called memories. (Google photos is doing this forever.)

Apple spotlight search can now include photos in search results. Spotlight also includes rich results.

Apple Live Text photo to text feature is here (Can extract text from images on your mobile). This works for pets, plants, arts, books, and landmarks.

Apple focus (Also known as Focus in old phones) is here. You can create focus profiles to use them accordingly based on where you are.

iMessages now has some enhanced chatting features.

Face-time now supports screen sharing. (Finally)

Face-time share play will let users watch or listen to movies or music together. (Supported multiple devices and works with multiple apps)

Face-time Link to join calls (Including Android and Windows users can join using this link)

Face-time Grid View

New Face-time features include voice isolation to prioritize your voice. And, wide spectrum.

First launch: IOS 15

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WWDC 2021 Just started

Apple WWDCset to host the WWDC Event as a virtual keynote at 1 PM ET Today, CEO Tim Cook and the Apple team are expected to announce the iOS 15, a new MacBook pro, some other products, and updates. While WWDC’s are usually hosted online, due to the covid 19 pandemic, this year’s keynote is going to stream online.

One of the things fans are eager about during every keynote is the name of the new macOS. From 2014, the updated pf Operating system was named after famous California landmarks like Yosemite and Big Sur. Although we have no clue about the new name, expect another California landmark.

How to Watch Apple WWDC 2021?

You can watch the WWDCEvent on their official website. You can also watch the live feed on youtube at this link.

We will be sure to get you all the updates mentioned in the Event. Stay Tuned!

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