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Apple paid millions to the student, after leaking her photos HalfofThe
Apple paid millions to the student, after leaking her photos HalfofThe

Apple and privacy go hand in hand and most Apple users prefer to stay with Apple because of this one reason. But, this can not be true for a 21-year-old student after Apple Paid her millions. She sent her iPhone to a repair facility in 2016 and was shocked to find out a few of her personal photos from her phone are shared on her Facebook account without her permission.

After the student sent her iPhone for repair to California repair center, run by Pegatron, one of the many Apple contractors. The invasion of privacy took place while the phone is being repaired. Employees repairing the device uploaded 10 of her personal explicit images and videos to her official Facebook account. In a recent development on this case, the Telegraph reports, Apple has paid millions to this student to settle the case.

A lawsuit was filed against Apple for privacy invasion and infliction of emotional distress. Apple fired both the employees involved in this, and finally paid a settlement amount of millions to the student.

While it was being fixed, the two technicians posted “10 photos of her in various stages of undress and a sex video” from her Facebook account, in a way that suggested she had uploaded them herself. The images were only removed after friends informed her that they had been posted.

Source: 9to5Mac

“It is believed Apple paid millions.”

Apple also clarified this incident and mentioned they made strict laws to vendors after the incident. And also mentioned they will be very quick in responding to any privacy concerns by their users. In general, users should remove any lock screen passcodes to ship their devices to repair facilities. And, during this process, the device can land in any hands during the shipping process or wrong delivery. I Hope, Apple would address this issue in a better way and fix it once in for all.

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