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Tips to Follow, Product categories to explore on Amazon

Amazon has announced its Prime Day Dates. June 21 to June 22 are the dates for one of the biggest deal days in e-commerce. Given the overabundance of products on sale during Prime Day, it can be overwhelming to choose the best deal. To make it easy, We will endeavor to list some of the best potential product categories available on sale, we say potential because amazon is secretive about their prime day deals and does not release deals before any of their big sale days.

 Key point is to remember for the Perfect Prime Day

1. Amazon Prime members generally get the best deals on a prime day, if you do not have a Prime subscription, you can subscribe at this link. You get a 30-day free trial, so anyone who’d like to subscribe exclusively for the prime day can cancel their subscription before the end of the free trial.

2. Avoid buying “Amazon Exclusive” Products in the week leading to the prime day. Amazon exclusive is cheaper on prime days, so it is better to wait until the day to buy exclusives.

3. Prime Day is not exclusive to Amazon, if your desire is not available on Amazon, you can try other e-commerce websites like best-buy, target etc.

4. Consider using a price monitoring tool to learn the best prices on your favorite product. We at HalfOfThe use “camelcamelcamel” to get the best deals on Amazon.

Let us dig into some of the best Products we expect to see on a prime day


Amazon offers some high-end TVs on sale during their “Deal Day’s”. You can expect the same come June 21-22. If you get onto Amazon, you’ll see that the price of a TCL 45 Inch 4K Smart TV is 309.00 USD(28 % off). We expect the price to drop further on June 21. You can set a product alert on “camelcamlecamel” to get a notification if and when the price drops, the notification will be sent to your email.

Gaming Laptops

Amazon offers some of the best deals on Gaming Laptops in their sales. Gaming Laptops during the prime day last year saw a massive price drop, the Alienware m15 r2 laptop sold at 1700 USD, an 1100 dollar drop from its actual price of 2800 USD. Keep an eye out on “camelcamelcamel” and amazon for more deals on gaming laptops.

Sony PS5 & Xbox Series X (based on availability)

Although unlikely, there is a chance of the Sony PS5 and the Xbox series X to be listed on sale during the prime day. If you are a gaming aficionado, you might be aware that Sony and Xbox are unable to meet the demand for their new consoles partly due to the global semiconductor shortage (click here to learn more). If listed on amazon during the prime day, you can expect to pick up these consoles for a slightly cheaper price.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple products are offered at a discount price during a sale day on amazon. You can expect the same during the prime day. the AirPods pro is currently at 197 USD on amazon(subject to availability), you can expect the price to drop further.

Smart Assistants

Amazon’s echo dot is available at discount during every sale day. But this item and other smart assistants are expected to drop to their lowest ever price on a prime day. Keep an eye on “camelcamelcamel” to get the best prices.

That’s about it, Folks. We expect these product categories to drop in price come the prime day, hope you get your dream product for a steal 🙂


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