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Apple "Buy Now Pay Later": Will it Help?
Apple “Buy Now Pay Later”: Will it Help?

Apple is trying to get people to buy into their “Buy Now Pay Later” program. I know that everyone would love to own an Apple product. Well, not going to lie, I love me some Apple too. Wouldn’t it be cool if you just buy the product now and be able to pay later? Well looks like we don’t have to wait anymore, as Apple is planning on launching the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service with Goldman.

How does Apple Buy Now Pay Later Work?

You’ll be able to sign up for this once it launches. Say if you go to a store and purchase a product worth 100 dollars if you’re a part of this program, there will be two options provided to the consumers i.e. you people. 

Option 1: Apple Pay in 4 – it’ll allow you to split the total into 4 no-interest installments of $25, you will have to $50 every 2 weeks. So it is an 8-week zero interest program 

Option 2: Apple Pay Monthly Installments – This is a longer-term program if you make a sizeable purchase i.e. thousands of dollars that you want to pay for, through Apple Pay, over several months. In this case, Apple will charge interest in APR and Goldman will be handling and the lender for those scenarios.

If you already own an iPhone, you can use any credit card you have in Apple Pay, you don’t need to have an Apple Card or a credit card with Goldman, no extra credit application is required. 


Apple is giving the feature of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ to all the customers who are using Apple Pay. Consumers would be allowed to split their payments into four interest-free installments, or across several months with interest.

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