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OnePlus 9 Delisted From Geek bench for Benchmark Manipulation HalfofThe
OnePlus 9 Delisted From Geek bench for Benchmark Manipulation HalfofThe

OnePlus’s one of the flagship phones, the OnePlus 9 delisted from the Geek bench for benchmark manipulation. That is one less place that you can find benchmark results for this phone on the internet now. So what does this mean and what happened?

Do you find that your phone is running slowly? It might be because of something called “throttling.” OnePlus has made a change to the way some apps work. This means that they may not work as quickly as before. Even system apps have been changed and are now slower than they used to be. If you know an app’s name, it is probably being throttled by OnePlus.

AnandTech’s deep dive into the latter’s performance revealed that the phone was throttling performance in popular apps in an apparent effort to boost efficiency and battery life. This lead to Geek bench delisting both the standard 9 and 9 Pro models from its database.

Oneplus 9 delisted for manipulating geek bench scores
Oneplus 9 delisted for manipulating geek bench scores Image source: AnandTech

As for which apps are being restricted by OnePlus’ manipulation, it’s nearly universal. Anandtech tested multiple apps in the Play Store and found that every one of them was throttled to reduce power use and increase battery life. That includes a wide range of apps such as social networks, several third-party browsers, Microsoft Office suite, along pre-installed system apps. It took less than an hour after testing began before a pattern emerged: any time you recognize an app name on this list is probably being affected by OnePlus’ restrictions.

Geek bench response to OnePlus 9 delisted issue:

Geek bench responded immediately to this claim, “It’s disappointing to see OnePlus handsets making performance decisions based on application identifiers rather than application behavior. We view this as a form of benchmark manipulation. We’ve delisted the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro from our Android Benchmark chart“, said Geek bench.

One plus with all the hype and loyal fans in the past is failing to live up to those standards with increased phone value, Oppo merger, and many more device hardware issues.

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