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OnePlus Sends Legal Notice to Lawyer Over Explosion Allegations
OnePlus Sends Legal Notice to Lawyer Over Explosion Allegations

OnePlus sends legal notice to lawyer Gaurav Gulati who alleged one of their phones exploded in his gown. The cease and desist notice claims that the lawyer is posting disparaging content with malicious intent to harm the company’s reputation. As per the notice, Gaurav Gulati must remove all tweets about OnePlus and any other information he posted on social media platforms.

Gaurav Gulati about OnePlus legal notice:

In a tweet, Gaurav Gulati posted a copy of the legal notice that had been sent to him. DSK Legal, which is the legal partner of Mobitech Creations the subsidiary of OnePlus in India sent the letter. The company confirmed the same to Gadgets360 saying, “We confirm that we have issued a cease-and-desist notice to the concerned individual. We will follow the proper legal procedures to resolve this matter.”

The notice says “self-contradictory and false statements to the media regarding the explosion of the OnePlus Nord 2 5G smartphone, with a “malicious and mala fide intent” to harm the company’s reputation,” according to the notification.

“The Disparaging Content has and continues to cause unquantifiable harm to Our Client. The public, particularly Our Client’s prospective consumers, is nearly certain to be misled or deceived into believing the claims made in the said Tweets are genuine and definitive,” the letter explains.

The letter also specifies that the Delhi-based lawyer should delete his original postings about the event and send a written statement to all media organizations clarifying his view. According to the complaint, OnePlus asked Mr. Gulati “to tender an unconditional apology” as well as a promise not to publish or distribute any “detrimental content” about OnePlus or its goods in the future.

OnePlus sends legal notice, but Why?

Gulati claimed that his recently purchased OnePlus Nord 2 5G smartphone exploded in his coat pocket while he was sitting in court. Gulati had vowed to sue OnePlus for the blast. When the explosion occurred, he had claimed that his smartphone was not being utilized or charged. He stated that due to the smartphones’ blast and discomfort in his eyes, he suffered burns near his stomach area.

After the issue, a OnePlus team contacted the Delhi-based solicitor. The user, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with the team’s reaction and felt that it was not sensitive to the problem. According to Gulati, he refused to give the phone for study because he felt that the team might tamper with the evidence.

According to a news report, a customer in Bengaluru, Karnataka has had his or her OnePlus 6T burst into flames while charging. This is the same model that spontaneously combusted in a woman’s sling bag in Bangalore last year. OnePlus previously said that the explosion occurred as a result of external factors rather than any manufacturing or design flaws.

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