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OnePlus and Oppo merger, who benefits the journey?

OnePlus and Oppo merger, who benefits the journey? HalfofThe
OnePlus and Oppo merger, who benefits the journey? HalfofThe

It’s an open secret that OnePlus is majorly funded by Oppo and also a subsidiary of VIVO, IQOO, Realme, and BBK electronics. Till now they operated independently and after this integration, we can say that OnePlus is the brand within Oppo, however, they will continue as independent companies for now. Together the companies have not yet revealed how closely they would start functioning. But, Evan Blass, an American blogger, has shared a leaked memo that was reported for the OnePlus Public Relation team, GizmoChina.

Here’s what the leaked memo says about OnePlus and Oppo merger

The memo explains that both Oppo and OnePlus are merging their R&D and Manufacturing units for the production of game-changing products. The CEO Lau of OnePlus in a recent blog post titled “A New Journey For It”, announced the Integration of OnePlus with Oppo. Both the Chinese companies are aiming to establish their market in the premium mobile maker’s list and are planning for making stable software updates, faster user interface, and more unique products from merged entities. It also explains that there will be no change on the part of distribution channels and public relations as both remain independent companies.

In addition to this, the leaked memo says that the user data received from OnePlus and Oppo devices will continue to store in its servers. The 46year old CEO Pete Lau will be the chief product officer at Oppo while playing the responsible role for both brands as stated that he took on some exclusive supervision for the product strategy of OnePlus and OPPO last year. He further stated that he is confident that this change will be positive for their community and their users. With this deeper integration with OPPO, they will have more resources at hand to create even better products for the users.

What we take from this merger is that there won’t be any significant change in the manufacturing and supply chain of these two companies. Currently, it is not clear how this integration will affect the future outcome of OnePlus and Oppo individually in the global market. But, as per the expert’s predictions, One plus Oxygen OS which holds a fanbase for this brand may witness a decline in its sales if it is replaced by the Color OS of Oppo.

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