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How To Reconnect Your Wireless Logitech Mouse? Easy guide

How To Reconnect Your Wireless Logitech Mouse? Easy guide
How To Reconnect Your Wireless Logitech Mouse? Easy guide

It’s frustrating when your wireless Logitech mouse disconnects, and then you can’t find the receiver. Wireless technology has changed the way we access information. We can be anywhere in our office or home and still get on our computer, but sometimes these devices disconnect without warning. Reconnecting your wireless Logitech mouse is easy to do and will help you maintain a more reliable connection.

Wireless mice are convenient because they don’t need to be plugged into anything for power, so there’s no cord that could get tangled up on your desk or laptop bag while you’re traveling with it. This also means that if the batteries go dead while you’re using them, you’ll have to replace them before use again.

You are going to be required to use Logitech’s custom connection software. The frequent connecting and disconnecting it at regular intervals put a strain on the hardware. Due to either this strain or due to other circumstances your receiver might’ve stopped working, but you managed to replace it. All is going well until you realize your new receiver isn’t connecting to your mouse. 

Reconnect Wireless Logitech Mouse: Step-by-step guide

Step 1

  • On Windows, you have the ability to use the SetPoint Logitech Mouse/Keyboard software. Or You could use the Logitech Connection Utility. Download the SetPoint package from Logitech’s website. We’ll look at how to use the stand-alone Connection Utility. However, the connection utility does not support Mac computers. 

Step 2

  • After downloading the Logitech Connection Utility, launch it and open the application. Don’t worry, nothing will be installed. Click Next on the welcome page, the tool will prompt you to plug in the new receiver; then, you’ll be headed to the pairing screen. Turn off your mouse, then turn the mouse back on. Now the mouse should now be paired.
  • If this doesn’t work. If the process of pairing fails; Logitech suggests that you contact their customer support. 
  • You could try the connection utility, go back to the Welcome screen, then click Advanced. This action will bring a new window; here, click on Pair a New Device. Using this will create a new instance of the pairing process. 
  • After performing these steps, your mouse should now be connected. If it still won’t connect despite using the right mouse with the right receiver, call Logitech customer support @ 1-646-454-3200.

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