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How To Pair Samsung Galaxy Buds To Android Device? Easy steps

How To Pair Samsung Galaxy Buds To Android Device?
How To Pair Samsung Galaxy Buds To Android Device?

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to learn How to pair Samsung Galaxy Buds to your Android phone, then this blog post is for you. We will be going over the process of pairing these earbuds with an android device in under 5 minutes! Once you have gone through this tutorial, we will provide some tips on how to use these earbuds as well as answer any questions that may arise from the reader’s experience with them. Let us get started!

Galaxy Buds have the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) Bluetooth codec because of this AAC, around 250 kbps of audio data can be transmitted this attribute helps in listening to music with Bluetooth mode on without audio loss.

These wireless earbuds are the best compared to others. They have been manufactured in a way the buds look smaller and even their cases. Nowadays, everyone is looking for noise cancellation or active noise reduction, so these are designed in a way that supports hands-free assistant access and wireless charging also. But it is a challenge sometimes to pair up with your android phone. Samsung Galaxy Buds are the easiest wireless earbuds for setting up your android phone not only with Samsung phones. 

By following the below steps Samsung Galaxy Buds can be paired with an android phone.

How to Pair Samsung Galaxy Buds step-by-step guide

  1. The initial step in pairing Samsung Galaxy Buds to android phones is to download the Galaxy wearable app through the Google Play Store on a non-Samsung Android device.
  2. Place the earbuds in the charging case.
  3. Once the earbuds are placed in the charging case and opened they will be paired automatically with the device, and when it is closed they will be disconnected.
  4. You will get a notification when you are trying to connect with a Samsung device, simply click on that notification to pair easily. If you want to pair your buds with a non-Samsung device then you need to install the Galaxy Wearables app.

By simply tapping on the connect option on the pop-up buds can be paired with the Samsung device Open Galaxy Wearables app in a non-Samsung device.

If Galaxy Buds fail in pairing to a device then restarting on the earbuds, or re-enabling the connection to Bluetooth, or updating the Galaxy Wearable app usually helps in pairing to a device.

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