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Apple will repair your faulty iPhone 12 earpiece for free
Apple will repair your faulty iPhone 12 earpiece for free

Apple has announced that it would launch a program to repair the faulty iPhone 12 earpiece receiver for free. This decision is due to the connectivity issues in the receiver for iPhone 12. Users who have purchased these models are reporting about the receiver issues that, volume is not coming out properly while making or receiving calls. This issue is not occurring widely, but Apple has decided to fix this issue for free by repairing the receiver. With every iPhone, we have a 1-year warranty this program covers each device with a 2-year warranty after the purchase, this helps the customer to replace the faulty receiver after 1 year.

It is said that the sound problem is due to the failure of the component in the receiver module. There were a couple of reports on Reddit and Twitter about this issue, so Apple has decided to provide customers with this program.

Availing New Repair Program for faulty iPhone 12 earpiece:

  • As this is a hardware issue you have to take your phone to the store and make sure your phone is not having any problems before fixing the earpiece
  • This program only covers earpiece replacement, so if you have other issues with a cracked screen or touch or any other things before repairing the earpiece they would need to replace the broken screen first. They will be charging for the screen repairs and all but not for the earpiece.
  • The company will have to examine the phone before any service to make sure that they are eligible for Repair Program.
  • This option is available for only iPhones which are manufactured between October 2020 and April 2021.
  • If the earpiece issue is from the customer side like if the phone dropped in the water or any other reason, then Apple will be charging the amount for the replacement. 
  • While examining the phone they will be knowing what kind of issue exactly is this, so make sure that you don’t have any other problem from your end before taking it to the service center.

Your Apple iPhone can be repaired in any Apple service center if you are having any issues. Sometimes the repair takes hours, but sometimes they would need to send mobile to repair center to get it repaired. In that case, it will be taking a couple of days to get your mobile repaired. You will be notified via call or email once the repair is completed. You don’t need to worry about your devices because Apple has assigned professional and certified technicians.

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