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‘OnePlus Pad’ Coming Soon: Hints new listings

'OnePlus Pad' Coming Soon: Hints new listings HalfofThe
'OnePlus Pad' Coming Soon: Hints new listings HalfofThe

OnePlus proved its capability of making premium mobiles with Android flagship phones and now with the OnePlus Pad, it is focusing on entering the Android tablet market. Many other companies like Samsung, Amazon are already trying hard to stable themselves in the market by making better tablets with more exclusive features. Now, OnePlus is entering this market. Can OnePlus Tab survive the competition the way it has succeeded in making premium mobiles like Android flagship phones? We can expect positive, based on its OS performance and the premium quality. 

In the European trading union agency (EU IPO), OnePlus filed its documents regarding copyrights on making Android tablets by the name “OnePlus Pad”, its sibling companies like Vivo, Realme, Oppo, etc., are already started working on their kind of Tabs or Pads. Realme is about to launch its new tablet. As well as Vivo is also following the same track and filed a trademark at EU IPO like OnePlus for Vivo Pad. 

Where did OnePlus Pad rumor start?

Officially, OnePlus didn’t reveal any information about its plans on making Android tablets. But, from the date of a trademark filed in EU IPO as “OnePlus Pad”, based on the previous actions of the firm we can expect the tab by the end of this year. 

In the premium mobile making OnePlus had outreached its extent, mostly in the budget mobile making, Now, it focused on tablets to expand its business. If OnePlus Tab is released this year it has to compete with the currently existing products like Apple’s iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, upcoming Amazon’s budget tab Fire HD 10. We’ll have to wait to who gives the best budget and substantial products with more features. For now, we don’t have the details about the features, OS, camera, software, and as well as hardware details. Recently, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 launch rumors surfaced, and we are hoping we will see new Flip phones as early as next month. We’ll have to wait and see when will we see this all-new OnePlus Pad.

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