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How to Monitor Your Gmail Login Activity? Easy steps

How to Monitor Your Gmail Login Activity?
How to Monitor Your Gmail Login Activity?

Are you worried about your email account being hacked? This article will show you how to monitor your Gmail login activity so that if there is any unusual behavior, you can act swiftly and protect yourself from harm. Google account helps us to gain access to not just our e-mail but many different applications such as Drive, Google Play, Linked In, etc.

As multiple applications are logged in by our account it would be useful to keep track of the applications that are logged in and to keep track of their activity. Tracking of applications can also be used to keep the contents private and helps the individual to retain their privacy. To do this we can use the Google security option to help us have a proper note on all the activity of our Google account. By using the security options that can be accessed via your mobile or Pc, irrespective of what software it is running on.

Steps on accessing the Gmail login activity

  1. Visit your Google account.
  2. Once the link is opened, on the left side of the page the options for different purposes are given.
  3. In the given options select the security option.
  4. Once the terminal is opened select the manage devices option.
  5. A window appears with a list of all the devices and applications signed in to your Google account.
  6. Select any device to check its activity and also the IP address under which it is using your Google account.
  7. The security option also tells you about all the applications that are being used and their activity.

We can use the security option by directly going to the option by using the link

As monitoring your Google account helps you to keep a check on all the applications and the permissions that it is being given, it also helps you to monitor all the devices that are using your account and helps you to remove the devices that are unrecognized to sustain your private information.

As privacy is an essential commodity at the present time it is good to have a reliable search engine that does not keep track of all the websites that you have visited. Thus, the search engine DuckDuckGo can be used instead of other search engines to keep your activity private.

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