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How to find public restrooms in Google Maps?
How to find public restrooms in Google Maps?

Restroom, the one place where we can let go of all the pressure and relax must never be hard to find public restrooms. This is possible with the help of the Google Maps application. The application has evolved from a basic map system that helped the protagonist of the movie ‘lion’ to find his village to the wide-ranged location finding system that is being used by everyone in their day-to-day life

Find nearby restrooms near me using a Phone/iPad:

  • Go to Google Maps application
  • The GPS of the mobile must be switched on to help the application to pinpoint your location and to provide you with a list of restrooms nearby.
  • In the search bar of the application type  “restrooms near me” and let the application find the related information
  • A list of all the restroom would appear on the screen.
  • And all the restrooms will appear on the map too.
  • To get more details of a restroom, select the restroom in the list or on the map to view its reviews.

Find Public restrooms nearby by using a laptop or a PC:

  • Navigate to Google Maps website
  • On the site, from the top left corner the search bar is placed.
  • In it search for the nearby restrooms by entering ‘restrooms near me’.
  • A list of all the restrooms appear on the left side under the search tool bar.
  • And their locations appear on the right side of the map.

As one may need to release their tension anytime it would be helpful to have a list of all the restrooms near their location.

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