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3 easy ways to switch from yahoo email to other services

Three ways to switch from yahoo email to other email services
switch from yahoo email to other email services

To Switch from Yahoo Email there are multiple better options available and we picked the best for you. Before we delve into the tips and tricks here is a small flashback on why Yahoo mail is not the No1 email provider anymore.

Yahoo mail is one of the very first emailing services that dawned upon mankind, but then it also did the biggest blunder mistake of refusing a $44 billion company buyout offer from Microsoft. One of the major downfalls of the company was its infamous data breach that affected nearly 3 billion yahoo accounts. When such data breaches happen, it is only human for a user to think of migrating to a different service. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to switch from yahoo mail and what other email service providers are the best options.

The very first thing to do is, import old contacts and email messages to your new email.

Import contacts to G-mail to switch from yahoo email

  1. Go to the settings the Gmail website.
  2. Click on “accounts and import”
  3. Select “Import mail and contacts”.
  4. Follow the simple instruction on the screen and you are good to go.

If you are an android mobile user then Gmail is the best email service option since you need the same email account while logging in to a lot of apps.

Import contacts to outlook to switch from yahoo email

It is very easy to import all your accounts to outlook from yahoo mail.

  1. Go to the setting option on the outlook website or application.
  2. Click on “options”
  3. Select “import email accounts”.
  4. That’s it you are as good as new with the new outlook account with all your existing contacts.

The advantage of outlook is that you can use it even when the data is being transferred in the background.

Setting up email transferring

There is another way to transfer, by setting up email forwarding.

Go to the setting option.

  1. Select the Yahoo “accounts” then choose the yahoo account.
  2. Select the “Forward” option. After entering the forwarding address.
  3. Choose the option “store forward” or “store and forward and mark as read”.
  4. You are required to verify the address.
  5. Click on Save to complete the changes.

This is the best option for you to change your existing yahoo mail to any other email account. We suggest you create a new Gmail account as it can be personalized and since its security is one of its main aspects it makes Gmail the best email service provider out there.

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