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What are the 5 Best Email Apps for Android 2021?

There are many email apps out there, but which are the best email apps for Android in 2021? This is a question that everyone should ask themselves before they settle on one app to use for the rest of their lives. Even if you’re happy with your current email app, it might not be as good as another one that you don’t even know about! That’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 android email apps that will help make managing your inbox easier and more efficient.

What are the 5 Best Email Apps for Android 2021?
What are the 5 Best Email Apps for Android 2021?

Email apps are an extremely important part of our lives. It can be hard to imagine life without email, but there was a time when the only way that people could send each other messages electronically was through an internet service provider or by physically mailing disks containing emails back and forth! An email has been around for quite some time now, so it’s no surprise that android devices have plenty of options available in terms of email apps. In this list, we’ll go over what android users should look for when searching for a new app as well as introducing them to five great choices from among the many android email apps out there today.

One immediately clear thing is how much android email clients vary from one another in terms of features and user interface design. Some of them are very basic with little to no customization options while others allow you to change almost every single aspect of your email experience. Therefore, it’s important for android users looking for a new app to think about what they want out of an android email client rather than simply settling on the first one that they see.

List of Top 5 Best Email Apps for Android

  1. Spark
  2. Gmail
  3. Outlook
  4. Newton mail
  5. K-9 Mail


Spark Android email app
Spark Android email app

The Spark email app is a great alternative to the default android mail client. It has all of Google’s standard features and includes several unique ones such as email scheduling, customizable swipes, and gestures, undo send option, etc.

To be included in this list of best android apps! The user interface for this android app is simple but modern with various themes available. The main feature it offers that other android email apps do not have is its AI functionality which automatically sorts out important emails from newsletters or spam, so you don’t need to bother managing your inbox yourself (however there are some security concerns).

The Spark email android app lets users manage their Gmail accounts using Material Design principles; one thing we liked was the ability to swipe right to archive e-mails or left to delete them. You can also snooze your emails until a certain date for follow-up purposes, which is really helpful if you need time to think of an appropriate response.

Offers android app users the ability to manage multiple email accounts with ease, and it’s great that all messages are saved in one place, so they’re easy to access no matter what account they were sent from (especially useful when switching between work and personal accounts). The android app has different themes available as well as customizable swipe gestures along with features like reading receipts – definitely worth checking out!


Gmail android email app
Gmail android email app

The Gmail app is a free email service developed by Google. It was officially launched in February 2007, and it had more than one billion users in 2012, becoming the most popular email application used in that same year with an increase of 19%. This android email app uses push notifications to send messages directly from the server to the user’s device, preventing them from having to constantly check for new emails. 

The design of this android app is really modern and intuitive; its interface can be customized according to different needs such as placing buttons on the home screen or widget where we can see our inbox quickly. Users can also attach files up to 15 GB using the Drive integration feature, and they won’t have any problem finding specific emails thanks to the very effective search option.

Many people use Gmail for their email needs because it’s reliable, easy to set up, and promises fast delivery. If you’re an Android user with a Gmail account or want one, the best way to get access is through this app provided by Google itself. With its intuitive layout and useful features like swipe gestures which allow you to navigate messages quickly, accessing your inbox has never been easier! 

Gmail also offers spam protection in addition to helping organize emails into categories such as Primary, Social & Promotions. 

While android users might find the pre-installed email app good enough, other android users can check out our next recommendation – Outlook by Microsoft.


Outlook Android email app
Outlook Android email app

Outlook android app can be used to manage both personal and business email accounts. It allows users to add Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, or any other IMAP account to access their mailboxes from a single location. The android app keeps the content of each mailbox separate but lets you turn your conversations into threads for easier management and organization. Users also have the option of syncing just some folders with the Outlook Android app. Plus, it supports all major mobile platforms so that users can stay connected anywhere they go!

It is a free email client that brings the familiar three-pane layout to Android. It integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and for efficient email management on mobile devices. Additionally, it includes calendar sync capabilities, so you can manage your schedule from one place.


Newton email android app
Newton email android app

Newton email app is the best android email client not only for its innovative features but also because it’s free. The developers of this android mail app claim that you’ll be able to get through your inbox much more quickly with their smart organization system and customizable swipe gestures, which allow you to archive messages or delete them completely in one move. You can even customize these gestures based on how long they last (i.e., swipe right once for quick actions like “archive” or twice for more thorough deletion options).

Newton Mail isn’t a conventional email client, but it is a subscription-based email service that aims to make organizing your emails easier. It supports Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365, and all IMAP accounts. Essentially, Newton Mail is a Gmail add-on that improves your email experience with features such as Read Receipts, Snooze, Send Later, Undo Send, Sender Profile, Connected Apps, and others.

K-9 Mail

K-9 Email Android App
K-9 Email Android App

K-Nine is a free and open-source email client for Android. It has been designed to be powerful yet easy-to-use, intuitive but with flexibility. Highlights: Mail storage on the SD card by default, IMAP IDLE support (push mail), multi-account support with a unique ability to handle multiple signatures per account.

Filters option for managing emails according to different rules including regexp rule matching based on sender/recipient address or mailing list name as well as Sieve script compatibility full implementation of RFC3028 which provides an enhanced level of control over your mailbox content then standard android email clients do. In addition, there are various customization options available such as font size, signature format, etc. so you can design the K Nine app interface according to your needs.

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