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Amazon Prime Day 2022: Everything, Exciting Deals to know

Amazon Prime Day 2022 has evolved into one of the year’s biggest shopping days as if Amazon wasn’t already bursting with can’t-miss prime day deals across nearly all major categories like lifestyle, tech, home, clothing, and more year-round. Prime Day can be summed up as the culmination of the retailer’s hottest savings, all conveniently packed into a major shopping event.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Everything, Exciting Deals to know
Prime Day special: Amazon Prime Day 2022: Everything, Exciting Deals to know

Though Amazon has maintained silent on sharing the full details for its Amazon Prime Day 2022 shopping extravaganza, there are clues regarding some new additions to this year’s event and the best product deals.

Regardless of what you are searching the market for, odds are you will be able to find it pretty seamlessly on Amazon. And you can save big on it during Amazon Prime Day deals 2022. This article contains everything we know so far about Amazon Prime Day 2022.

What is Amazon Prime Day? 

Based on previous experiences, the Amazon Prime Day 2022 date will be around Monday, July 18th, and Tuesday, July 19th. Aside from being one of the greatest shopping days of the entire year, which is so good that it’s literally inspired retailers like Walmart, Kohl’s as well as Best Buy to host their own sales events, Prime Day provides the opportunity for shoppers to browse limited-time deals across some of Amazon’s biggest categories/brands. 

While some sales last throughout the entire duration of Amazon’s major shopping event, others (for example those famous Amazon Lightning Deals) will be live only for a few hours. These require the shoppers to add their Prime Day finds to their shopping carts at a quicker pace.

When is Prime Day 2022?

Traditionally Amazon celebrates the prime day in June/July. Based on what we said earlier, Amazon Prime Day 2022 will be around Monday, July 18th, and Tuesday, July 19th. Amazon has yet to release the official timeline for Amazon Prime Day 2022, however, given that it is the summer season’s answer to Black Friday, it is expected to be held sometime in June/July. Plus, taking into consideration the event’s schedule from previous years when it might take place for 2022, then shoppers can likely expect it to be held in mid-to-late July. 

Is it required for you to be an Amazon Prime Member to shop for Prime Day deals? 

Brief answer – Yes. You will have to be a member of Amazon’s Prime service to be able to take advantage of all the deals the online retailer will have during Prime Day. Fortunately, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial if you are not a subscriber, so you can still save big. You will want to make sure you sign up before the event, and not too far in advance so that the 30 days don’t run out before the discounts roll out. Amazon Prime members seem to be benefiting more on a prime day compared to regular Amazon viewers helps us understand how good Amazon prime day deals are for prime members.

How to save on Amazon Prime Day 2022?

The deals are exclusive to Amazon Prime members, you would first have to make sure that you are signed in as an Amazon Prime member before the savings event is life. Prime Memberships are available for $14.99 per month or $139 per year. Amazon does offer a 30-day free trial for new joiners.

While Prime Day 2022 might be the catalyst for you to finally invest in Prime membership, there are so many more benefits to being an Amazon Prime member that is available to users all year round. 

If you wish to maximize your Prime Day savings, you will want to make sure that you download the Amazon Prime app as well as turn on the notifications. On top of that, if you own an Amazon Prime credit card, you may also receive an additional 1% reward back, which is on top of the already 5% back from Amazon purchases. 

What are the best deals to expect from Amazon Prime Day?

Much like most of the details surrounding Amazon Prime Day 2022, the exact deals for the upcoming event are still under wraps. That being said, there are a handful of best-selling items that have been included in previous Prime Day, that are worth keeping an eye on ahead of Prime Day 2022. A few of the top picks are listed below:

Echo Dot (4th Gen) (Predicted price for Prime Day – $25)

This is the newest model of the Echo Dot; it generally sells for $50. It sometimes even drops down to $29 before, however, it is time for Amazon to make this the start of Prime Day instead of the previous-gen model for fewer bucks than this.

Echo Show 5 (Predicted price for Prime Day deals – $40)

Usually, the Echo Show 5 sells for $85, the previous all-time low price for this product was $45 during Black Friday as well as a recent sale. It is expected that during Prime Day it would be brought to a new low price.

Fire TV Stick 4K (Predicted price for Prime Day deals – $22)

The 4K streaming stick regularly retails for $50, it has previously dropped down to $25 during Black Friday this past year. Since then, it has only hit the $30 mark as a low. So, it would be great to see Amazon get aggressive to push this as the best streaming stick option that buyers can purchase during Prime Day.

Halo View Fitness Tracker (Predicted price for Prime Day deals – $45)

Halo View Fitness Tracker is Amazon’s newest fitness tracker, it regularly sells for $80, it has previously only dropped down to $50 just once. Since Black Friday it has only been on sale 2 other times, with the sale prices being $60 and $65 respectively. It wouldn’t surprise us to see Amazon slash the price of the hardware to attract more users, considering how aggressive other fitness tracking companies offer discounts for hardware.

Amazon Music Unlimited (Predicted deal for Prime Day – 4 free months)

This is normally priced at $7.99 per month, however, Amazon frequently runs promotions that extend the 1-month free trial to 3 months. But, during larger shopping events users can usually get that fourth month for free as well.

Some of last year’s most popular deals include the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire Tablets, Fire Kids Tablets, Insignia along with Toshiba Fire TVs, Roomba robot vacuums, Keurigs, Crest 3D White Strips, and the list goes on and on. Of course, with inflation currently at its highest in a generation, maybe this year we will not be seeing this sort of record price drop on a prime day. Then, again, nothing is official until it is announced.

Though Amazon’s hardware is often the big focus of this event, there are sure to be a bunch of other great deals from popular brands like Roku, Sony, Bose, Samsung, LG as well as many others. There will be price cuts on everything ranging from big screen 4K TVs to the charging cables for your phone. Clothing, home accessories along with just about anything else that can be thought of on a prime day.

Will other retailers be participating in Prime Day?

In the past, we have seen that eBay, Best Buy, Walmart as well as others have joined in on the Prime Day fun. Though, the companies don’t call the deals “Prime Day deals,” most of the prices will be direct matches of what Amazon is selling the items for. And some of the other sites do not even require any membership to save during these times.

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