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How to use the Apple Fitness+ app on a Mac? Step-by-step Guide

How to use the Apple Fitness+ app on a Mac?
How to use the Apple Fitness+ app on a Mac?

Apple Fitness+ app is an extremely well-designed service that works across every Apple device, except yes, you guessed it right, the Mac. The company has yet to give a reason why the Mac has been excluded, however, the release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, along macOS Monterey has commuted the issue.

You can stream Apple Fitness+ from your iPhone/iPad to the Mac.

How to stream Apple Fitness+ app to the Mac?

You have to make sure that the iPhone is on iOS 15 or later, or if you are using the iPad, it is on iPadOS 15 or later

You have to make sure that the Mac is on macOS Monterey, or later

  • Place yourself nearby, either stand or sit near your Mac
  • On the iPhone or the iPad, swipe down, this will reveal the Control Center
  • Press the screen mirroring button
  • Select your Mac from the list
  • Launch the Apple Fitness+ on your iPhone/iPad
  • What you are essentially doing is sending the iPhone/iPad screen to your Mac. That means anything you show on the screen will be seen on the Mac instead.

This means two things

  1. You can only control Apple Fitness+ through the iPhone/iPad. So, any time you want to start a workout, you have to use the iPhone/iPad screen.
  2. You may have to rotate your iPhone. This is true when you’re streaming, for example, YouTube videos. Then turning the phone switches the video from a picture-in-picture thumbnail into full-screen, on the Mac.

What is not streamed to the Mac?

You don’t get any on-screen Apple Fitness+ data. You will not be able to see the activity rings. They are still updating, every workout you do moves the rings around, however, you just can’t see them.

You will not see on the Mac-

  • Workout timer
  • Heart rate
  • The burn bar
  • Countdowns for high interval sections
  • Music tracks
  • Activity ring
  • Move ring
  • Standing ring

After you’re done, swipe to open Control Center, then tap on the Screen Mirroring icon.

Tap on Stop Mirroring. The streaming will stop, the iPhone/iPad will display the summary screen.

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