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Best Buy’s new $200/yr Membership locks PS5 along with hot holiday items

Best Buy’s new $200/yr Membership locks PS5 along with hot holiday items
Best Buy’s new $200/yr Membership locks PS5 along with hot holiday items

Are you in search of a PS5, do you happen to be a Best Buy customer, are you’re willing to spend an extra $200 a year? The electronics retailer tied stock of highly sought-after holiday items with a membership of its new Total tech program. This expensive customer service package was recently released. 

The $200 annual service provides benefits such as round-the-clock tech support, two years of protection on purchases along with discounts, and many more. The site has the $500 disc drive model PS5s available for Total tech members, while the consoles are behind an “exclusive access event” wall. They didn’t sell out instantly as expected rather, stock lasted between 90 minutes and two hours.

$200/yr Membership locks PS5

The PS5’s listing page redirects the user to Totaltech membership exclusivity despite the hardware’s availability. The VIP buying privileges aren’t listed anywhere on the program’s membership benefits, they aren’t even mentioned on the FAQ pages. Other products like high-end PC GPUs and Xbox Series X/S consoles are also expected to go through the same process. 

The service is a replacement “Best Buy Beta” program, it was tested in select markets in April. The free My Best Buy membership, which occasionally includes exclusive discount sales is untouched, however. The membership also provides an extended 60-day return and exchange window, free delivery and installation, and access to “Member Monday”. It is like a weekly Amazon Prime Day-style discount, the event that starts on October 18 and operates during “select weeks”. 

GameStop in a similar fashion offers early access to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X along with its very own $15-20 annual PowerUp Rewards Pro membership. This will typically cost around $700, they are generally bundled with two games and an extra controller, this comes around the same price as the Totaltech membership + a disc-model PS5. 

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