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10 Microsoft tips every user must know

The new Microsoft versions have a lot of new features that are eye-catching which help you to multitask with more ease. Here are a few of the best Microsoft Tips that may help you to use your Windows OS to the fullest.

10 Microsoft tips every user must know
10 Microsoft tips every user must know

Most of the Microsoft OS users these days either have Windows 10 or Windows 11 which have a lot of new gestures making the user experience better and smoother. Here are 10 tips, which will help you use your Windows OS to the fullest.

Many users lookups for new updates whenever a new OS is released. Microsoft has not let us down this time as it has come up with new features that may satisfy its user’s needs. Here are some of the top ten tips that will make the Windows user experience unforgettable.

10 Microsoft tips that you’d love to learn

1. You can return to your past activities in your timeline

To return to your past activities, go to the taskbar and select the task view option, or you can press the Windows key + tab and if you want to access this on your laptop you can do it by using the touchpad by scrolling up using three-finger.

2. To use the double screen option

By dragging and bouncing a window to one side of your screen the windows affix to that side as one half of the page and a list of all the other windows that are to be selected fill the other half.

3. Using the focus mode

While working, you can be prevented from being deviated from your work by using the focus mode which is available in the notification tool in the taskbar.

4. Customizing your pc

As covered in another article on how to change the lock screen in your Windows 11, not only the lock screen you can also customize your pc to the fullest, for example, you can change the color of your taskbar, personalize the Chrome window, you can add an image, or have a slide show play on your lock screen and many more.

5. Night light mode

Many people these days are worried about the Blu-ray emitted from their devices, the new OS can switch on the night light mode which reduces the risk of being exposed to the Blu-ray.

6. Snipping what is on your screen

If you want to save or take a photo of a part of what is there on your screen you can do it by pressing “Windows key + shift + S” and move the cursor to adjust and capture the content to be snipped.

7. Instead of typing you can talk

If you have a long thesis to write or if you want to prepare a question paper you can select the microphone option. You can also use the shortcut “Windows key + H”.

8. Get (or) give help

To get any help or to give your suggestions to other users, you can use quick assist to get or give assistance.

9. you can select nonadjacent lines

As it can be a bother for people to paste nonadjacent lines one at a time, windows came up with the feature of selecting the nonadjacent line to make your experience much better.
To do this hold the control key and make your required selection in the content.

10. Crop photos in word

If you want to crop a photo on MS Word you can select the photo and select the Format tab on the toolbar and select the crop option to make changes.

These are some of the time-saving tips that every Windows user must learn because the next time you use the OS you will have an awesome experience.

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