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How to Rename Hotmail to Easy Guide

How to Rename Hotmail to Easy Guide
How to Rename Hotmail to Easy Guide

Ever since Microsoft announced that they are retiring the Hotmail service, many of us have been wondering how to rename Hotmail to the new Outlook. They’ve made some changes to the site and now there’s a new name – But still, many people don’t know how or if they can move their accounts over to this new email service. This blog post will show you how you can rename Hotmail to!

To the masses who are using or are registered with a @hotmail or @live and even @msn accounts, Outlook has heard your grievances, it has received a solid response from Internet users all over the world. If you want to migrate and rename your account to, it can be done, all it requires is a few clicks here and a few clicks there. 

Rename Hotmail to Outlook: Step-by-step guide

  • Log in to with your Microsoft email account, then click on the gear icon and select More Mail Settings.
  • Under Managing Your Account, click on Rename Your Email Address. This will open a popup menu, which will ask you to log in again to verify your account. 
  • Next, you’ll be brought to, where you can rename your account. Here select the email address you want to use with, then click on Save. If the selected name isn’t already in use, it will then redirect you to the inbox.
  • It will then ask you whether you want to create a new folder in where all the emails sent to your old email address will be saved. OR You can select to let them be in the inbox along with other emails. 
  • Changing your account will affect other Microsoft services you use. If you are using a Windows Phone, then you better forget about renaming your account. You’ll be required to reset to factory settings, this will make you lose all of your data along with the apps.

As per Microsoft:

  • If you rename your account, you have the ability to go back to the original name within 30 days for the majority of the accounts. However, under few rare circumstances, you will not be able to undo a rename: 
  • If you rename an MSN account, you will not be able to undo the rename.
  • If you want to undo a rename, you should be in the country in which the account was created. 

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