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How to Permanently Delete Hotmail, Windows Live, and Outlook Account?

How to Permanently Delete Hotmail, Windows Live, and Outlook Account?
How to Permanently Delete Hotmail, Windows Live, and Outlook Account?

Are you trying to permanently delete Hotmail, Outlook, Live, or some other Microsoft account? Look no further, as you have come to the right place. This article will how to show how you can permanently delete your Hotmail, Windows Live and Outlook accounts

You won’t be allowed to close just the Hotmail account without closing the entire Windows Live, aka Microsoft Account. Remember to spend any Skype credits before you say goodbye to your account. Check your Microsoft and Xbox account balances, also remove any credit cards linked to your account. After posting your request, it takes 60 days to close the email account. Do you think this is long? It used to be over 200 days. 

Permanently delete Hotmail, Windows Live and Outlook: Step-by-step guide

Step 1

  • Sign in to your account. Which will redirect you to the new Outlook.com interface. Visit https://account.microsoft.com/ to manage your account settings.

Step 2

  • On the Microsoft Account page, Click on Security.
  • At the bottom of the newly opened page, select More Security Options.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the account details page, here click on the Close my account link.

Step 3

  • Here, Microsoft will inform you about all the things that must be done before closing your account. 

Step 4

  • If the above steps do not do the work for you, you might visit this link. Microsoft will ask you to verify your identity; it will take 60 days to close the account permanently. 

If you’re getting cold feet and want your account back, all you have to do is log in, this will cancel the whole deletion process. If you liked this, leave a comment below or share it with friends, so that they also know How to Permanently Delete Your Hotmail, Windows Live, and Outlook Account? 

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