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Are you new to iPhone or iPad and wondering how you can change your signature to something more custom and personal than the generic “Sent from my iPhone?” Thankfully it is easy to change the “Sent from my iPhone” email signature on your iPhone or iPad.   

What are the cleverest iPhone/iPad signatures people use instead of "Sent from my iPhone"?  
What are the cleverest iPhone/iPad signatures people use instead of “Sent from my iPhone”?  

What exactly is an email signature?  

An email signature is a block of text at the end of an email that can include professional contact details or company branding, or whatever you choose it to be. Few email signatures also contain images, hyperlinks as well as other clickable call-to-actions (CTAs) which plug offers, products along with services relevant to the email recipient.  

An email signature is also known as an email footer, as the email signatures are separate from the main body of the email and should not overwhelm the content of what you are saying. Rather, they are used to simply finish off the email with a flourish. They tell the reader who you are, and/or who your company is and how to contact you.  

Why would you need an email signature?  

Email signatures are not just to tell the world your job title as well as your Twitter handle. The reason you use an email signature is:   

A sleek, as well as informative email signature, is essential for email marketing success.   

Email signature holds the ability to determine whether your emails pop…or flop.   

Ultimately, the email signature will decide the lasting impression of every email you send.   

If you get your signature right, you will:   

  • Provide your recipients with all key contact information for you as well as your company, in a clear and comprehensible way   
  • Boost brand awareness by using a design that ties in with your company’s color palette along with its overall aesthetic   
  • If you are not in it for business growth and just need to contact someone, then you can change your email signature to make your email stand out from the ever-crowded inbox.   
  • Drive traffic to your social channels via hyperlinks by adding them to your email signature.  
  • Give your emails an air of professionalism as well as flair.  
  • Show company or group-wide consistency, with all your team members using a similar template. 

There’s no doubt about it, spending a bit of time as well as energy perfecting your email signature is worth it.  

How to Change iPhone or iPad Default Email Signature?  

To begin, navigate to Setting > Mail.  

Then, tap on Signature, this is in the menu under the “Composing” section. Here you will be able to see that the default email signature is “Sent from my iPhone.” In the text box that contains “Sent from my iPhone,” you could just clear that out. Or, you can add to it.  

In the signature box type in what you want your new email signature to be. You have the ability to use the basic text-editing functions as well. After you are done creating your new signature close the mail settings. From now on, the next time you begin to compose a new email message you will be able to see the new signature at the bottom.  

And that is how you change the generic “Sent from my iPhone.” message to whatever you want. Now every message you send via the Mail app will have the signature you created.  

How to set different email signatures per-account on your iPhone and iPad?  

  • First, open Settings from your Home screen.  
  • Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.  
  • Tap on Signature under the Mail section.  
  • Tap on Per Account.  
  • Tap the end of the existing Signature.  
  • Tap on delete to delete the existing “Sent from my iPhone.” text.  
  • Enter your new Signature.  
  • Tap on Mail when you finish typing.  

Your new signature will automatically save, it will also appear at the bottom of all outgoing emails.  

So, what makes a nice email signature?  

A nice email signature is one that gives its viewers something to remember you by, which is beyond the essential information. This can be achieved by adding visuals or audio elements that present a deeper story than generic text.  

A nice signature is visually pleasing as well as easy to read. This can be achieved by creating a clear hierarchy, using white space, and limiting yourself to 2-3 colors or shades. If you are a brand, then preferably once that corresponds with your brand colors.  

Basic elements for a creative email signature:  

  • Your full name  
  • Your job title  
  • Your direct phone number  
  • Your website URL  
  • Social media icons or buttons  

What are some clever and interesting email signatures to try?  

If you are changing the email signature of your personal account i.e., for informal purposes, then you could try changing it to:  

1. Pop culture references  

  • May the Force be with you.  
    • So long, and thanks for all the fish.  
    • To infinity and beyond!  

2. Compliments  

  • It’s always fantastic to work with you!  
  • To your continued success.  
  • Stay amazing.  

3. Anticipation  

  • Stay tuned.  
  • I’ll circle back shortly.  
  • Until next time.  

4. Action  

  • Tag, you’re it!  
  • What are your thoughts?  
  • You can reach me anytime. 

5. Emojis or pictures 

If you are searching for email signatures for professional use, then there are some things to keep in mind before you create your own.  

1. Keep It Simple Email Signature  

  • Your Name  
  • Title (optional), Company (linked to the website)  
  • Phone number  

2. Simple Yet Branded Email Signature  

  • Name | Position  
  • Contact Information  
  • Company Logo  

3. Add Social Media Profiles that Show off Your Professional Brand  

  • Company Logo | Name  
  • Position, Company  
  • Business Phone Number  
  • [Icon links to relevant social media profile]  

4. Getting Personable with an Image  

  • Image | Name 
  • Position, Company Name  
  • Phone Number | Website | CTA  
  • Social Networks  

5. Highlighting a Clear CTA (Call-To-Action)  

  • Name  
  • Position  
  • Company | Address  
  • Call-To-Action  

Why do people continue using the “Sent from my iPhone” email signature?   

According to a study conducted by a team of Stanford researchers in 2012, the perceived credibility of misspelled emails sent with and without a “Sent from my iPhone” signature. A big takeaway was using the iPhone’s stock signature could help improve your image.  

The researchers found that when emails use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, the sender is perceived to be very credible — regardless of whether they are writing from a phone or a computer.  

However, study participants attributed higher credibility to the person who wrote a sloppy email signed “Sent from my iPhone.” They were more forgiving of errors, as shown in the chart below. 

What are the cleverest iPhone/iPad signatures people use instead of "Sent from my iPhone"? HalfofThe
What are the cleverest iPhone/iPad signatures people use instead of "Sent from my iPhone"? HalfofThe

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