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Here’s How to add a signature to a Word document: Easy process

To add a signature to a Word document might be the ultimate way to personalize it as your own, especially for documents like letters or contracts. If you want to add a signature to a Word document, this article will show you how.

Here's How to add a signature to a Word document: Easy process
Here’s How to add a signature to a Word document: Easy process

There are several ways you can add your signature to a Word document. You have the ability to add a signature line for a post-print signature, add a digital signature, or even insert your handwritten signature as a picture.

How to add a Signature Line in Word?

A signature line provides the user with a location to sign a printed document. If you are planning on printing your Word document, adding a signature line is arguably the easiest way you can add a signature.

  • If you want to add a signature line to your Word document, click on Insert > Signature Line.
  • This icon is normally included in the “Text” section of the Word ribbon menu bar.
  • In the “Signature Setup” box that will appear, fill out the signature details.
  • You can include the name, title, as well as email address of the signer. Which can either be you or somebody else.
  • You also have the ability to provide instructions for the signer. After you’re ready, click on “OK” to insert the signature line.
  • After you have confirmed your signature options, a signature line will be inserted with a cross along with a line to signify where to sign.

You can then place this into an appropriate position within the Word document. The document can then be signed at this position after it has been printed. OR, if you have saved your Word document into the DOCX file format, you can just insert a digital signature into your document.

How to Insert a Digital Signature in Word?

  • If you want to add a digital signature to your Word document, you will need to first follow the above instructions and should’ve inserted a signature line.
  • You will also have to install a security certificate for your signature. If you don’t happen to have one, Word will ask you if you would want to acquire one from a “Microsoft Partner” for example, GlobalSign.
  • Or, you have the ability to create your digital certificate using the “Selfcert” tool. This is included in the Microsoft Office installation folder.
  • Locate “Selfcert.exe” in the Office installation folder, then double-click it to open it.
  • After it opens, enter a name for your security certificate in the “Your Certificate Name” box. Then click on “OK” to create it.
  • After you have a digital certificate installed, return to your Word document, then double-click on the signature line.
  • In the “Sign” box that appears, type in your name. Or you can click on “Select Image” to insert a picture of your handwritten signature.
  • Click on “Sign” to insert the digital signature into the Word document.
  • After signing, Word will present a confirmation saying that the signature has been added.
  • If you happen to edit the document after signing it, the digital signature will become invalid. Then you will have to sign in again.

How to Add a Picture Signature in Word?

  • If you prefer to use your handwritten signature, you have the ability to take a picture or you can even scan a copy of it, then upload it to the computer. After doing so you can insert a picture of your signature into the Word document.
  • Click on Insert > Pictures to insert the image into the document. Or, you can double-click on your signature line, then click on “Select Image” to insert it on the signature line.
  • In the “Insert Pictures” menu box, click on “From a File”, then click on your signature image file. There, click on “Sign” to place the image onto the signature line.
  • After inserting the image file containing your signature will be inserted above the signature line.

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