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How to Find & Replace Text in Microsoft Word? Have you ever finished typing a report or presentation only to discover that you misspelled a person’s name? Or, you had the wrong company listed multiple times throughout the document? Don’t worry it is an easy fix. You can use Word’s Find and Replace feature to quickly locate and replace text. This article will show you how to find & replace text in Word.

How to Find & Replace Text in Microsoft Word?
How to Find & Replace Text in Microsoft Word?

How to Find & Replace Text in Microsoft Word on Windows?

Click on “Home,” on the top-left, then click on “Replace” on the top-right. Or, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + H.

Enter the word or phrase that you are searching for in the “Find what” box, then enter the replacement word or phrase in the “Replace with” box.

Word will take you to the first instance of the word/phrase you entered in the Find box. For each instance, click on “Replace” to replace the text. Or, click on “Find Next” to go to the next instance.

If you want to replace all instances of a word/phrase, click on “Replace All.”

How to use Find & Replace in Word on a Mac?

  1. Open Microsoft Word on a Mac.
  2. Click on “Edit” found in the top toolbar.
  3. Click on “Find” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click on “Replace…” Or, use the keyboard shortcut “shift” + “command” + “H”.
  5. A side panel will open. Enter what you want to find in the first entry, then enter what you want to replace within the second.
  6. Click on “Find” to locate the matches first, then click on “Replace” to replace each match. Or, you can click on “Replace All” to replace all matching words/phrases.
  7. After the changes are made, a pop-up will appear that says, “All done. We made ‘ ‘ replacements.” (The number of replacements is a variable depending on the document).

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