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How to turn off iPhone 13? Force restart your iPhone 13
How to turn off iPhone 13? Force restart your iPhone 13

One of the most common issues with iPhones is that they suddenly stop working. It could be due to a no. of reasons. One solution is to turn off iPhone 13. By turning it off and then on again, you can solve many issues like frozen screens or apps crashing. Keep reading for more information about how to do this!

This is for iPhone models without a home button, including the newest iPhone 13 and all iPhone 13 variants, which include the iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 pro max, and the 13 Pro. Make sure you know where the volume controls are; this will aid you in performing all the basic iPhone functions, such as turning off your phone.

We’ll show you how to turn off an iPhone 13 and how to switch it on in this section.

How to turn off iPhone 13?

The quickest and most time-saving technique to turn off an iPhone is to hold down the side button on the right-hand side of the phone along with one of the volume buttons to launch the slide to power off. To switch off your phone, simply slide the power off toggle.

The third option is to go to the settings page, scroll down until you see “Shut Down,” and then press the button. The slide to power off toggle will be displayed, and all you have to do now is slide it to the other side.

How to power on your iPhone 13

Hold the side button on your iPhone for several seconds until the Apple logo appears on the scream, which indicates that the phone is starting up. If the logo does not appear on your screen, it’s time to charge your phone or put it in DFU mode if things get worse.

How to forcefully restart your iPhone 13

You may also restart your iPhone, which is a booting technique when it’s giving you problems. All you have to do now is:

  • Press on the volume up button and then release.
  • And then press the volume down button and then release.
  • Press and hold the side button for a while for the display to turn black.
  • This will make the iPhone restart itself which will help you to get rid of any glitch that has occurred.

You must learn to turn off or restart your iPhone 13 if it is unresponsive to your commands or has any problems, as this will reboot the system and remove most of the problem.

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