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How to record phone calls on iPhone? Easy guide

How to record phone calls on iPhone? Easy guide
How to record phone calls on iPhone? Easy guide

The record phone calls option is not supported on the iPhone due to legality concerns, so Apple’s business doesn’t want to risk any potential unlawful penalties that might harm its reputation. However, this does not prevent us from assisting you, as voice recording has been demonstrated to be beneficial for individuals in certain situations.

In some states, recording a phone conversation is still not legal, but we may record a phone call with the consent of the recipient. Here are some approaches to recording a conversation.

Record phone calls without an app

This is the most basic method of recording a conversation since there is no need to set up an application for the recording. The only thing you’ll need is a recording device (phone, laptop, portable recording device).

The steps to record a conversation are quite simple

  • Before taping the conversation, ask the other party for permission, only after they agree to do so will you start recording.
  • While recording, avoid staying in a public location because there will be no disturbances.
  • Place the phone near the recording equipment so that it may capture everything.
  • When the discussion is finished, stop the recording and listen to it again to ensure that it is accurate.

Use the Google voice application

The Google voice system, which was created by Google and may be utilized for recording a conversation as well as saving it in the form of a next, is the telephone system used by Google.

To learn more about the Google voice program, see the article on Google voice.

  • Open the Google Voice app and sign in to your Google account.
  • Select the search button to locate a new phone number for your Google Voice account.
  • After you confirm your number click on ‘next’.
  • Enter the Phone number which will be used for verification.
  • Complete the set-up of your Google voice by entering the code.
  • You may start a Google voice recording by pressing 4 on your keypad. A notification will be sent to the other party informing them that you’ve activated the recording capability in Google Voice.

Using third-party app’s

By utilizing third-party applications that can be found on the app store and Google play, we may record the voice conversation after the download has been completed. You’ll be asked to give permission to the program, so it may utilize your files and microphone after you’ve downloaded it. Because many of these third-party programs are free.

Some examples:

  1. TapeACall
  2. Rev Call Recorder
  3. Automatic Call Recorder
  4. Truecaller

Voice recording is not legal in the states, yet it should be used when a person is in a dire situation and requires some strong evidence.

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