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Apple has delayed the launch of drivers licenses on iPhones until next year

Apple has delayed the launch of drivers licenses on iPhones until next year
Apple has delayed the launch of drivers licenses on iPhones until next year

Apple has announced that it is delaying the launch of drivers licenses on iPhones until next year. The new service was meant to be launched this month, but Apple says they need more time to perfect it and offer a high-quality product. Drivers will now have to wait for some time before they can use their iPhones as driving licenses, though there is no set release date yet. Apple is holding back the launch of a feature allowing iPhone owners to keep their driver’s license or identification on their smartphone.

As per the website, Apple mentions that the ability to add ID cards to the Wallet app on iPhones is likely to launch in early 2022. This feature was introduced earlier this year during the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple had revealed the feature would be launching later this year.

This change was first reported by tech site MacRumors.

In September, Apple had revealed the first eight states which would be supporting the Wallet ID feature. Apple said that the feature was going to first make its debut in Arizona as well as Georgia, then followed by Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah.

The ability to add a driver’s license or state ID is one of the various planned features for the Wallet app. Earlier this year, Apple said would be adding features, which would allow the Wallet to hold digital house keys, car keys, as well as workplace badges to enter buildings.

The central use of having a state ID on your phone is for traveling, or at airport security checkpoints, Apple had commented in September. The Transportation Security Administration will enable security checkpoints, lanes, and participating airports to use the ID in Wallet, Apple says.

“The inclusion of driver’s licenses/state IDs to the Apple Wallet is a vital step in our vision of replacing the existing physical wallets with a secure as well as a user-friendly mobile wallet,” Jennifer Bailey, the vice president of Apple Pay and the Apple Wallet, had answered in a September statement.

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