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This article will explain to you how to clear your YouTube search history from a browser as well as from the YouTube app. This article will also include instructions on how to pause your search history to block YouTube from tracking it.   

How to delete the most recent YouTube search history?  
How to delete the most recent YouTube search history?  

How can you Clear Your YouTube Search History from YouTube.com?  

If you happen to search for something on YouTube while you are signed in to your account, the term you searched is stored in your account search history. If you do not want this information stored, you have the ability to clear your YouTube history any time you want.  

All you have to do is follow the given instructions to clear your YouTube search history on a web browser. 

Sign in to your account at YouTube.com.  

Go to the left menu pane, then click on History.  

Click on Search history in the History type section of the right pane.  

Click on Clear All Search History.  

How can you Clear Your YouTube Search History if you are using the YouTube App?  

All you have to do is follow the given instructions to clear your YouTube search history on the YouTube app. The process is similar for iOS or Android.  

Open the YouTube app on your iOS or your Android device, then sign in to your account.  

For an iOS device, tap on your account profile icon in the upper-right of the screen. For an Android device, tap on the menu icon that is represented by three vertical dots.  

On the upcoming tab, tap on Settings.  

On the next tab, scroll down. OR. Tap on Clear search history in the History & privacy section.  

A pop-up will appear and will ask you if you’re sure you want to clear the search history. Tap on OK to clear it.  

How can you Pause Your YouTube Search History?  

Having to always clear your search history can prove to be an inconvenience. There is a better option, it is to pause it so that YouTube temporarily stops tracking your history. It will remain paused until you turn it back on.  

On YouTube.com, pausing your search history can be done by selecting the History tab. Then by selecting Pause Search History.  

For the YouTube iOS app, tap on your account profile, then tap on Settings > Pause search history.  

For the YouTube Android app, select the menu icon represented by three vertical dots. Then tap on Settings > History & privacy, then turn on Pause search history.  

Why do People Clear their YouTube Search History? 

Your YouTube searches cannot be seen or accessed by other YouTube users. OR. People who visit your channel. However, your search history plays role in how YouTube chooses to show content.  

YouTube will display a selection of recommended videos on the home page based on your search history. After your YouTube search history is cleared, the recommended videos no longer reflect what you searched.  

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