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YouTuber keeps his Switch OLED continuously: Check out the results

A YouTuber deliberately kept his Switch OLED running for over 1800 hours as an experiment to determine how far its screen can be pushed before the console suffers from burn-in. 

YouTuber keeps his Switch OLED continuously: Check out the results
YouTuber keeps his Switch OLED continuously: Check out the results

The test conducted by Wulff Den a Youtuber consisted of leaving a static in-game screenshot of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, at full brightness, every hour of the day. While Wulff Den originally planned to leave the image up for seven days, he carried on running the experiment, then released a video cataloging the results 11 weeks after the initial test commencement. 

The results are stupendously positive. “The OLED burn-in doesn’t need to cause worry” he summarized. Found out that there were no “noticeable burn-in marks” almost 2000 hours after leaving the console running. There was no difference in the color tests he ran when you compare the initial to the final screens. 

Switch OLED running 1800 Hours straight

“If you’re concerned regarding burn-in on your console because you have nearly 2000 hours in a game. I think you can relax,” he says. “I don’t think it has to be a practical concern.” 

He does, point out that the whites of the image appeared to be slightly dimmed, while some other hues dawned a greenish tint after the test had concluded. However, that doesn’t constitute the type of image retention that some players were concerned about. 

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Switch fans have been concerned over the possibility of burn-in ever since the model had been announced. Image retention has always been considered a drawback of OLED screens, particularly TVs, and this was supposed to be the same for the Switch as well. Games often feature static images that appear for long periods. For example, HUDs, logos, or main menus, thus causing worry that their lovely handhelds would be ruined by permanent marks. 

Wulff Den’s test video demonstrates that’s unlikely to happen. Even if you rarely leave your Switch off your hands, 1800 hours can take you long. No ghosting/marks of any kind appeared during the test. This suggests that Nintendo made great strides in reducing the chance of burn-in for their Switch console.  

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