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How to Delete Instagram Messages?

Instagram makes it easy to delete both individual messages as well as full chat conversations. This article will show you how you to Delete Instagram Messages on Instagram’s web and mobile versions.   

How to Delete Instagram Messages?
How to Delete Instagram Messages?

How can you Delete Instagram Messages?  

You can delete any message from any chat using Instagram’s Unsend feature. This feature deletes the selected message from both your account as well as the recipient’s account.  

How can you Remove an Individual Instagram Message on Mobile?  

  • First, launch the Instagram app.  
  • Select the message icon  
  • A “Chats” screen will appear. Here, tap on the conversation from where you want to delete a message. Then locate the message to delete.  
  • Press and hold the message, then from the options that pop up, click on “Unsend.”  
  • Instagram will then proceed to remove the selected message from both your message history as well as your recipient’s account.   

How can you Remove an Individual Instagram Message on a Computer?  

An individual Instagram message on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook can also be removed. We have to use the official Instagram site.  

  • Open a web browser on your computer to access the Instagram site. Then click the message icon.  
  • You will be able to spot a “Chats” page. Here, select the conversation from which you want to remove a message. Then, locate the message to delete. Hover over the message, then click on the three dots beside the message.  
  • From the menu that opens, click on “Unsend.”  
  • In the “Unsend Message” prompt, select “Unsend.”  

How can you Delete Entire Conversations on Instagram?  

  • Tap on messenger in the top right of the feed.  
  • Tap and hold for Android. OR. Swipe left for iPhone on the conversation you want to delete.  
  • Tap on Delete. Then tap Delete to confirm.  
  • After you delete a conversation, it is no longer visible. It has to be kept in mind that this only deletes the conversation for you. It will still appear for other people included in that conversation.  
  • Note – Your data download file doesn’t include messages that you’ve deleted.  

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