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Postcards have a variety of uses ranging from staying in touch with friends to effectively marketing a business. Microsoft Word grants you the ability to make your own custom postcards quickly and concisely. There are different methods you can make postcards in Word; however, this article will show you the two most straightforward options. They are by making them as “Labels” or by starting from a premade “Template.”

How do I create postcards in Microsoft Word?
How do I create postcards in Microsoft Word?

How to create Postcards Using Labels in Microsoft Word?

  1. First, create a blank Word Document and paste the picture you wish to use, to do so right-click anywhere on the blank space and select “Paste.” Click on the picture to select it, if your picture does not need to meet the typical postcard dimensions (six inches long and four inches high) to work.
  2. Now, navigate to the “Mailings” tab, which can be found between “References” and “Review” in all recent versions of Word (2007, 2010, 2013). Click on the “Labels” icon, this icon will appear on the leftmost section of the toolbar, this is beside “Envelopes.”
  3. Click on “Options.” When you click on Labels it will bring you to the “Envelopes and Labels” window, from there, click on the button labeled “Options…” this is towards the bottom right of the window. After you press the button, it will bring up the “Label Options” window.
  4. Click on the “Postcards” label. make sure the “Label vendors:” is set to “Microsoft.” If it is not, click on the arrow, then locate Microsoft in the drop-down menu. Scroll through till you locate “Postcard” in the “Product number:” menu. Click on “Postcard” to highlight it before pressing “OK.”
  5. If you have purchased blank postcards, check if their manufacturer has a special template that can be used instead. Search for the manufacturer under “Label vendors:” and the template that is labeled with the correct product number.
  6. Click on “New Document.” A new page will be displayed with four copies of the picture you selected in a grid. Each of the four sections is the front of the postcard. You have the ability to resize and move the picture within its section. You can also add text, and save the document after you’re done.

How to create Postcards Using Templates in Microsoft Word?

  • First, create a new Word Document. Unlike the previous method instead of creating a blank document, you will be working from a template.
    • If you are using Word 2007, click the Office icon, then click on “New.”
    • If you are using Word 2010 and 2013, click on “File” and then click on “New.”
  • Find the postcard template you want to use, there are dozens of different ready-made postcards to choose from. Select the one that resembles the one you want.
  • In Word 2007, the easiest method is to type “postcards” into the search bar, this will reveal all the templates for you to download.
  • If you are using Word 2010 and 2013, there are special sections for postcard templates to reach them, click on “Cards” and then select “Postcards.”
  • If you have purchased blank postcards, search for the manufacturer, if you are not able to locate a pre-installed template, check the manufacturer’s website for available downloads.
  • Edit the postcard as you like. 

A lot of postcard templates will be easy to edit with each picture as well as the textbox as its own discrete object. You can move objects to different areas of your postcard or you can just delete them entirely. If you wish to use a custom picture, right-click a picture on the template to replace it. You can change the text by clicking the textbox. The text’s font, size, along with color can be altered using the Font toolbox. Save the document after you are finished.

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