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How to delete a blank page in Word document in Microsoft Word
How to delete a blank page in Word document in Microsoft Word

Do you want to delete a blank page in Word document from the middle or at the end of your Word document? The blank pages in Microsoft Word files can look a bit unprofessional or give you a headache while printing. If you’re wondering, how do you delete a page(s) in Word, we’ve got you. The process of deleting a page on Microsoft Word is pretty straightforward and concise. Here’s how you delete a blank page.

How to delete a Blank Page in Word document from the end?

Microsoft Word often creates a blank page at the end of a document that just won’t go away. That is because the last page contains an end paragraph. To remove this follow:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+8 (⌘+8 on a Mac) to show paragraph marks.
  • Select the paragraph mark.
  • Select inside the Font size box, type 01, then press the Enter key.
  • This sets the font size to 1
  • The paragraph now fits on the preceding page; thus, the extra blank page is removed.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut again to hide the paragraph marks.
  • Navigate to Layout tab > Margins > Custom Margins, and set the bottom margin to something small.

How to Delete page in Word using backspace/ delete?

It’s probably the easiest way. Be it a blank page or if it contains text, graphics, or empty paragraphs, you can remove it via the ‘Backspace’ key on Windows or ‘Delete’ on Mac. Select the entire page you want to be deleted via a cursor or Control + A/ Command + A commands

Now, click the ‘Backspace/ Delete’ keys.

The blank page will be removed.

How to Delete a page in Word using Find and Replace tool?

  • Click anywhere on the page you are wanting to delete
  • Press ‘Ctrl + G’ in Windows or ‘Option + Command + G’ for Mac users
  • A dialogue box pops up, head over to the ‘Go To’ section, then enter the page in the ‘Enter Page Number’ box.
  • Press the Enter key then click on ‘Close’
  • Verify it’s the right page and that the content is selected
  • Then click on the ‘Delete’/ ‘Backspace’ key.

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