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5 ways to use Google Flights to plan trips and save money?

5 ways to use Google Flights to plan trips and save money?
5 ways to use Google Flights to plan trips and save money?

Google Flights has become the go-to site for travel planning. It’s easy to use, and it can help you find your best flight options quickly. If you’re planning a trip for business or pleasure, the budget is what’s always in your mind. The prices of airfare alone can cost a bundle. You would like the opportunity to save few bucks, wouldn’t you? Google Flights might serve as a way to make affordable travel plans.  You will be able to find flights and hotels at reasonable prices. 

Here are the 5 best reasons why you should use Google Flights on your next trip

Look at Google Flights Packages

The Google Flights Packages section shows you top destinations from your chosen location. These combo deals give you a single price that is inclusive of airfare as well as hotel accommodations. After receiving the package results, you’ll first get the details on hotels. Browse through the list that displays the star rating along with a brief description. Utilize the Compare Rates section, that’ll help you find affordable airfare as well as convenient flight times, based on your budget and schedule. 

Browse Inexpensive Hotel Options

You might not require a package, maybe all you need is a reasonably priced hotel. Click on Hotels on the left of the Google Flights page. You’ll be able to see popular destinations with great hotel rates. However, if you have decided on a particular city, enter it at the top with your travel dates, also include the number of guests. You can adjust filters for guest ratings, amenities, and brands. 

Scout for Affordable Airfare

If all you require is Airfare, then Google Flights serves as an excellent resource. Click on Flights on the left, then enter your departing as well as returning airports along with your travel dates. If you want to include the number of passengers and the requested class. There is a section that shows if prices are low for your trip, you can click on the View price history for details on rate changes. You can enable the toggle toward the top for Track prices, this will set up Google alerts in the process. 

Check Out Google Flights Explore

Click the Explore button to discover a new spot. You’ll see some suggestions, or you could enter some possible thoughts into the search box. Click on Travel Guide to find out the types of activities there are, scan hotel and airfare rates, and see the best months to visit. The Google Flights Explore section helps you find the ideal location as well as an affordable one for your trip.

View Potential Trips on Google Flights

This area is convenient for extracting travel confirmation emails you receive. You can also use this section for planning. You’ll see Potential Trips with an option to plan any one of them. If you click on the Continue Planning link, you’ll get a summary of the options you picked for that trip. This is helpful when you are deciding between two different locations. 

Google does have real-time flight data, which helps you keep track of your own flights or those for people visiting you. If you liked this, leave a comment below or share it with friends, so that they also know the 5 Ways to Use Google Flights to Plan Your Trip and Save Money. 

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