Saturday, December 9

Facebook Lite is a new app that has recently been made available in the United States, it is a Facebook app that has solely been developed to support mobile devices that are considered to be of the lower-tier devices in the mobile market.

Facebook Lite?
What’s the Difference Between Facebook and Facebook Lite?

Facebook is available in the form of an application, this has made the users access their Facebook account easier. And as the storage of all the application has increased substantially, lower-tier mobile phone is finding it hard to keep up with high storage application which in turn make the devices unable to use these applications and the Facebook app is one of these applications which require high storage space.

To pass this hurdle the company has come up with Facebook lite which is smaller in size compared to the general Facebook app. The difference between Facebook and Facebook lite

Facebook lite is solely developed for devices that are having slow or unstable internet connectivity, this application was first released in other countries where 2G connectivity was still a thing and it has been recently made available to the USA user base.

The working of the app is mostly the same when compared to the larger size Facebook app, but the features such as the toggle size and the interface are very different and dated when compared to the original app. This is more reasonable for small devices that are having small screens as the toggles would appear more clearly.

Which among Facebook and Facebook Lite would be preferred to use?

If you are using a decent android phone with a good internet connection, we prefer you to stick to the normal Facebook version as there won’t be any restrictions for you while using the app and the interface will be pretty good which would make your experience worthwhile. And if you are having an old basic device that has unstable internet connectivity it is would be better to use Facebook lite as it won’t give you any problems regarding your internal storage