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Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms where one can share their thoughts, interests, and opinions along with viewing those of others. Facebook allows you to like and share others’ posts and sometimes we do it quite frequently that we forget to notice the name or what the post was about. Even in certain cases, it so happens that as soon as you like the post, the feed gets refreshed by mistake, and you end up not seeing the post.

Over time we tend to forget what posts we had liked and if you wish to unlike a certain post or go back to check with any specific post or comment that you had liked, you must be familiar with how to view posts that you had liked before on Facebook. We have described down below how to see which posts you have liked on Facebook in a few easy steps.

How to see which posts you have liked on Facebook?
How to see which posts you have liked on Facebook?

How to see which posts you have liked on Facebook on –


  1. Log into Facebook on your web browser.
  2. Click on the Settings option and select privacy.
  3. Go to the setting option on that and scroll down to the Activity Log section and select it.
  4. You can now view the post that you have been looking for from any time period.
    Since this activity log is chronologically arranged, the posts appear along with the dates when you liked a particular post. This becomes very convenient to look for any specific post based on the date.


  1. On your smartphone, open the Facebook app and go to your profile.
  2. For android users, select the menu option at the top right corner and for iOS users, select the same at the bottom right
  3. You might see your name displayed at the top and select the same
  4. You will see an option called activity log, select it.
  5. This will navigate to a page displaying all of your activity that is sorted based on years as in it shows all the activity on your Facebook account for that year.
  6. Since we are looking at all posts that you have liked, tap on the filter option at the top and select Likes.
  7. This will take you to the Activity log screen as in step 5. You can now tap on any year and any month and check the posts that you have liked for that period.
  8. You can easily unlike a post or anything related to a post by simply tapping on the down arrow option on the right side.
  9. You can also hide likes from your timeline.
    This way of viewing all the posts that you have liked so far is very convenient as all of it is available and organized at one place.
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