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If you have been using iOS 15, you would probably have come across the ‘Focus’ feature. This feature serves as an extension of ‘Profiles’ and ‘Do Not Disturb’, The Focus feature allows the users to adapt certain profiles, it allows the users to create different customized modes based on their routine which helps them manage their apps as well as notifications during the specific hours. For example, mindfulness or reading, to make sure only the contacts along with notifications they wish to appear.  

Notify Anyway: What does it mean on iPhone?  
Notify Anyway: What does it mean on iPhone?  

What is Notify Anyway on iPhone?  

As an iOS user, you might have noticed a notification underneath a sent iMessage stating “The person has notifications silenced” accompanied by a hyperlink underneath that provides you the option to “Notify Anyway”. This Notify Anyway option bypasses a person’s notification settings and Notifies about the message Anyway in iOS 15.   

The first thought that might have popped up in your head is ‘Well then, what is the point of Focus then?’, and you would be making a compelling point. Now, emergencies are not exactly predictable, and no one would wish to be ignorant of a message that could potentially save their own, or someone else’s life.  

At the same time, when you do use Notify Anyway it should be used responsibly. As much as you want to wind up your best friend just for the sake of it, there is a reason why people use Focus modes. Someone might be in an important meeting at work or something else, either way, Notify Anyway is meant for emergencies only.  

What does Notify Anyway do?  

The Notify Anyway is an SOS option of sorts that has been introduced by Apple, it lets you bypass an active Focus mode on your contact’s device so that you are able to deliver important messages. Compatible applications can deliver important notifications and notify the concerned user regarding the same.  

People use Focus so that they can concentrate easily knowing that no sensitive data is shared when Notify Anyway appears at the bottom for contacts. The displayed message only confirms that you have notifications turned off, it does not tell others which Focus mode, iPhone, or Location you are using. Under the ‘Focus Shared’ settings menu section, the following message is displayed:  

“Apps only know that you have silenced notifications. Apps do not know which Focus you are using, so the name is never shared, however, they can control how Focus is shown.”  

Now that you know what Notify Anyway is and how it works, it only makes sense I show you how you can stop people from notifying you in Do Not Disturb Mode.   

How to Stop People Notifying You in Do Not Disturb Mode?  

Do Not Disturb is without a doubt a helpful feature on an iPhone or an iPad. When Do Not Disturb is activated, your iPhone will not notify you of calls, texts, or any other alerts. This mode is perfect for sleeping, going to movie theaters, driving, working, and a lot more.  

However, since the release of iOS 15, iPhone users have been granted the ability to “Notify Anyway” when you are using Do Not Disturb mode if they happen to be texting you using iMessage. For some users, this is might seem like a helpful, feature, in case of emergencies as you can learn if something important is happening. However, for others, it might be annoying to receive messages even when you are busy, despite you enabling the Do Not Disturb mode.  

If you are looking to turn this feature of Notify Anyway off to ensure no one is able to contact you while you are using Do Not Disturb mode, you just need to follow the steps given.  

Step 1. Open Your Focus Settings  

To turn the feature off, you will first have to navigate to Settings > Focus. The Focus feature controls the Do Not Disturb settings, this includes the custom settings for sleep as well as work. You also have the ability to set it up to activate Do Not Disturb mode when you are driving.  

Here, you will be able to edit each setting individually. You also have the ability to set up each mode if you have not done so yet.  

Step 2. Turn Off Focus Status  

After you see all the Focus modes, tap on the desired setting, then scroll down till you find Focus Status. Focus Status is what alerts other iPhone users that you have your notifications silenced, thus, that also provides them the option to notify you anyway.  

To turn this Focus Status off, you just have to toggle the setting to OFF. After the Focus Status is off, other iPhone users will no longer be able to know if you have your notifications silenced. So, they will not have the option to notify you despite the Do Not Disturb mode being active.  

Should You be Turning Off Your Focus Status?  

If you happen to turn on Do Not Disturb mode when you are busy, it most likely means that you do not wish to get notifications. However, with iPhone users being able to notify you anyway, there are cases where you can get distracted or even be woken up if you happen to be sleeping. The Notify Anyway feature is helpful if there is an emergency, however, there are few people who might abuse this feature. If you are worried about this happening, it is safe for you to turn it off.  

In case of emergencies, you have the ability to always allow notifications from certain people, even if you have turned the Focus Status to off. This grants you the ability to block everyone except people you trust. So, you will not be missing something important while staying free from distractions.  

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