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iPhone can be one of the most desirable phones out there for its extremely good features and efficacy. It certainly is among the unique series of phones and so are high chances of finding an ingenuine one in the market.

Often people have bought second-hand iPhones from either any local vendor or their mutuals and there have been several cases where one has been fooled by buying a fake iPhone. But how do we tell apart whether an iPhone is genuine or not? It is quite simple as iPhones have distinct features both based on their physical and software features which help us tell them apart

We have listed several features below that will help you look out for fake iPhones.

Who makes iPhone?

Fake iPhone: What are good ways to spot a counterfeit?
Fake iPhone: What are good ways to spot a counterfeit?

I think the most interesting thing to address would be who makes these iPhones. Well, of course, it is Apple Inc. that designed this line of smartphones. Apple’s iPhones use Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, and are marketed by them. Although iPhones have been designed by Apple, these smartphones are technically made in China. Since China has become the largest supplier of the product’s components, Apple finds it all the more feasible for the iPhone to be made or assembled in China.

What hardware does Apple use to make iPhone?

Even in the case of hardware, Apple designs its products’ hardware components, and Apple’s original design manufacturer is Taiwan-based Foxconn. Apple gets most of its products assembled and manufactured on a contract basis, mostly in Asia.

How to Spot a Fake iPhone?

There are several ways to spot a fake iPhone and this process is very easy as many features of the iPhone can help in distinguishing between a genuine iPhone and a fake one.

  1. Apple logo

To start with, the identifying feature of any Apple product is its logo. You can see the logo appear on every single product of Apple, but, of course, the makers of the fake iPhone have even copied this logo almost to perfection, which makes it the best way to tell them apart. Hold the phone up to the bright light and if you see a mirror finish, it is a fake one. You can also touch the logo of the device. If it has even a slight texture change or even if it is a little sunken, there you go, a fake iPhone.

2. Screws

What are good ways to spot a counterfeit or Fake iPhone?
What are good ways to spot a counterfeit or Fake iPhone?

Might seem very minute, but has great detail. iPhone is always shipped with screws that look something like a star with 5-pointers or commonly called the Pentalobe screws. If it has anything other than this, it is a fake iPhone.

3. External memory card slots

Of course, iPhone has never given a slot for external memory and if you find one with it, it is a counterfeit.

4. Camera build

The camera of the iPhone is something that makes the iPhone unique. You can tell them apart by simply looking at how they are designed. Fake iPhones have cameras that are lower than the actual ones.

5. Button placement

The iPhones have been revolving with their line of series with different placements of buttons. Check with that as often this is where deceitful iPhone makers go wrong.

6. Welcome screen

To look at the software point of view in case the external anomalies do not work, look at the software, that is, try switching on the device.

Once you have turned it on, if it doesn’t show you the Apple logo at the very beginning, it is a fake iPhone.

7. Camera

The images shot from an iPhone are very popular and one of the reasons why everyone wishes to have an iPhone. Open the camera app and if you cannot take any picture even close to one that is taken from an iPhone, it might be fake. iPhone cameras take photos that are clear and very sharp, unlike the fake phones that on opening might seem blurry and unclear.

8. Siri

Apple’s own device assistant is another defining feature. This feature works on every iPhone regardless of its condition. Enable Siri by going to Settings and selecting the option ‘Siri & Search’ and then turning on the ‘Listen to Hey Siri’. Once you’ve done this, try saying it out. You will see that there will be no response in the case of a fake iPhone.

Are there fake iPhones available on the market?

Fake iPhone: What are good ways to spot a counterfeit?
Fake iPhone: What are good ways to spot a counterfeit?

A lot of reports have indicated that there are several counterfeit iPhones available on the market. These fake iPhones do not run on iOS, an operating system designed by Apple. The counterfeit ones run on an android version with several modifications made to it that makes the phone look like it runs on an iOS system that is, the way the features are displayed is very much similar to that of an iPhone. This probably is one reason why it is easy to believe that the fake one is an iPhone.

Where do people buy Fake iPhones?

You definitely might not find a fake iPhone in any showroom. Instead, you might find such counterfeits in any of the local vendors who might sell them for a very low price. A lot of websites might pose the same as clickbait to trick the viewers into buying such counterfeit iPhones.

Can I contact Apple if I spot a fake iPhone?

Fortunately, apple takes such incidents as finding a fake iPhone or any product as an important issue. If you find a fake iPhone or any apple product like an apple watch or iPad, etc., you can report or contact this ID [email protected].

How to contact Apple?

For any queries regarding your Apple product or any other questions relating to Apple, you can contact them on various platforms. You can call customer service at (800) 100-9009 and they will deal with any sort of technical issues or customer queries. You can chat live with them on YouTube. Although Apple aims to resolve most issues, it has no email for customer service at the moment.

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