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Tesla Self-Drive beta software is out: You should see a button soon

Tesla Self-Drive beta software is out: You should see a button soon
Tesla Self-Drive beta software is out: You should see a button soon

Tesla self-driving beta software is out. If you haven’t seen the button yet, it will be available soon! The Tesla Self-Drive Beta Software can take your car from “low” to “high” autonomous driving on demand.

Tesla the company known for its auto-drive system, released the Full Self Drive (FSD) beta software for its consumers, as the most advanced driver assistance that is deemed to be used by thousands of users in the future. As company released its beta version which would be available to the owner who has paid the $10,000 software upgrade and the ones who have the tesla subscription can use the FSD software once they pass the safety monitoring done by Tesla.

Elon Musk about Tesla Self-drive beta software:

Elon Musk has stated that “The owners would have to let tesla monitor their driving behavior and would accordingly decide if the FSD software would be accessible to the owner”. As the company has not yet decided which user is to be allowed to use the software, their basic criteria for assessing would be the driver’s, forward collision warning that would be accessed per 1,000 miles, an instance of hard braking, aggressive turning, unsafe following, and forced disengagement.

The FDS beta was first tested by a group of 2,000 people which mostly consisted of the employees of the company and some customers who tested this software on the public roads without debugging the software.

Even though the company has faced backlash from the National Transportation Safety Board for being careless and irresponsible, Tesla has gone further to launch the software, stating that the system is as safe as normal cars”. It can easily understand that the consumers would be excited to use this system, as they have waited for this update for a long time.

The feature can be accessed as it would be available in the form of a button on the Tesla main console on the dashboard and the company has also issued a detailed guide to help the owners to have a better experience.

This introduction of the FSD software by Tesla has rattled their competitors to develop better software for their cars and to make the driving experience even better for their car owners.

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