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Will the price of Tesla cars come down soon?

Will the price of Tesla cars come down soon?
Will the price of Tesla cars come down soon?

The price of Tesla cars has been a hot topic over the past few years. Some people think they are too expensive, while others think that since they are electric, most customers won’t be paying for gas, which is already expensive enough to make up for the cost. With all this in mind, will the price of Tesla cars come down soon?

Tesla has always had an eye on affordability, and it seems like their recent announcement about lowering prices by $2K might just be what many potential buyers have been waiting for. However, before you start making plans to go buy your next car from Tesla Motors Inc., there are some things you should know about these changes and how they could affect you.

For automakers, it is very common to keep pricing up every year with their new models and features. When it comes to Tesla it won’t follow this kind of industrial rule because this automaker sells the cars directly to the customer without traditional dealers. The prices are decided on their own whether to raise to low and customers are more likely towards the cars that are trending on the top.

Price of Tesla Cars Bumped:

This July, the company has increased the prices of the Model S sedan and Model X crossover roughly by $10000. There are others cars also likely Model S which is now upped to $15000 compared to last year. The sedan’s prices are increasing constantly to competitors. Tesla’s prices have been upped for several other models like Model 3 and Model Y by $1000 this year. Prices are changing so frequently, that it is difficult to keep track of all the records.

Why did Tesla Cars Price Dropped?

But in February this year, Tesla has reduced prices for the Standard level models Model 3 and Model Y with a new adjusted price on its website. Model 3 was sold at $38,190, the price has dropped to $1000 from the previous price of $39,190. For Model Y the price has been lowered to $41,190 which experienced a $2000 cut, previously it was $43,190. By dropping the prices, Tesla could be responding to its competitor’s offerings like the 2022 Bolt EUV and Bolt EV which were introduced in the middle of February by the Chevy. Even after the price cuts, Tesla is still a lot expensive than Chevy’s models.

The Chevys Model Bolt EV 2022 starts at $31,995 a lot decreased than its previous model which costs around $33,995.

Basing on the news related to Tesla’s models, the prices have changed just within 4 months period in February 2021 it has raised its prices, and in July 2020 the prices have risen. We can’t expect when the prices for Tesla will be lowered.

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