Tuesday, December 5

Are you fed up with scrolling multiple times through your Apple application library just to find that one app you need, or are you thinking about deleting the apps on your iPhone? Then you can permanently delete the application or you can also offload the application. We have come up with a step-by-step method on how you can delete apps on your iPhone?

How to delete apps from iPhone?
How to delete apps from iPhones?

If you are an IOS 14 or higher user then, there is a much better option where you won’t need to delete the application and you can just hide it and if you ever want to use it then you can just access the application which will be available in your application library.

How to delete apps?

  1. Choose the app that you want to delete, press, and hold on to the app which will make an access window appears.
  2. In the window select the ‘remove app’ option.
  3. Another window will appear where it will ask for confirmation to delete the app.
  4. This will permanently delete the app.

How to hide an application?

  1. To hide an app on your iPhone with iOS 14 or above, first select the application and long press on it.
  2. A popup window will appear where you need to select the “remove app’ option.
  3. And in the next window, select the ‘Remove from Home Screen’ option.
  4. And to check out all the hidden apps, you just need to go to the application library that will be available in the settings.

This is how you can delete your applications and if you want to free up some space on your mobile we would insist that you delete the unnecessary apps that you no longer use, and if you are having a hard time deleting your application then it would be better to delete some old unwanted photos or you can clear your cache memory of each app that is installed in your iPhone.