Tuesday, November 28
WhatsApp group calls feature: Join calls after they start
WhatsApp group calls feature: Join calls after they start

WhatsApp group calls are coming in more handy with a new feature that will now allow you to join group calls after they start, and it will be rolling out this new feature starting Monday. The new feature allows you to be able to join a call with your friends or family whenever you’re ready, similar to what you do in a Zoom call or Google Meet.

What WhatsApp group calls bring to the table

Allows one to jump into an end-to-end encrypted group call even after it has started. Given the gigantic admiration for WhatsApp, this can turn out to be a useful feature for many people who prefer to communicate over messaging services. Joinable calls will still be end-to-end encrypted. They have bought this feature to reduce the burden of immediately attending group calls, which brings the unconstrained and ease of in-person conversations to the group calling on WhatsApp. The call info screen has been revamped and allows you to see who is present on the call and who hasn’t joined despite being invited.

There’s also a new “Ignore” option in the calls tab if one wants to join the call later. Joinable calls are rolling out now globally. It should be noted that only eight participants can be active on a WhatsApp call at one time.

We here feel like this feature would help out a lot of people who prefer using WhatsApp on a daily basis as it lets you join a group call whenever you are free even after it starts. You’ll see a ’Tap to join’ option in the call log. Which allows you to join an under-way group call even if it was missed primordially. All you need to do is just press that option and join the call. If you liked this article (or if it helped at all), please leave us a comment below or share it with friends, so they can enjoy the new features too.

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