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Amazon Acquires Wickr App Used by Government Agencies

Amazon Acquires Wickr App Used by Government Agencies HalfofThe
Amazon Acquires Wickr App Used by Government Agencies HalfofThe

The biggest tech story this week has to be the Amazon acquires Wickr, the popular online retailer. The company’s AWS has acquired Wickr, a secure messaging app founded in 2012. With an encryption tool like Signal, it was primarily used by government agencies in the United States. However, Amazon has not revealed the value of the deal and how they plan to use its new acquisition.

This acquisition would make sense if you consider this strategy: AWS wants to have all communication on their servers – not just storage but transmission as well – so they can offer customers an end-to-end encrypted service at any time without needing any outside party’s cooperation or approval.

What is Wickr’s history?

Wickr is a secure messaging app that allows users to encrypt their texts, photos, and videos. The company was founded in 2012 by Nico Sell (CEO) and Robert Statica. It has gained popularity over the years among government agencies, which use it for official communications because of its security features – like end-to-end encryption with the Signal.

The encrypted messaging services were primarily used by the government agencies in the United States, but Amazon has not revealed how they plan to use this acquisition or what will happen to Wickr now that they have officially bought them out.

What are the advantages of Wickr?

Wickr offers end-to-end encryption that is based on the Signal protocol, which means it’s virtually impossible for messages to be intercepted and read. Wickr does not store any data from its users, so neither can it be compelled by court order or subpoena to turn over this information.

Wickr is an encrypted messaging app. It allows users to send messages and photos that self-destruct after a set period of time, which means they are only for the recipient’s eyesight.

What has Amazon Acquires Wickr to do with America’s cloud-first policy?

Amazon is currently in the midst of a cloud-first policy. This means that Amazon will first invest in building more data centers and other infrastructure to power its own cloud offerings rather than renting out excess capacity from third parties, which it has done for years.

The United States government heavily utilizes Wickr for secure conversations with various agencies like the NSA and CIA. But what does this mean now? Well, we don’t know yet because Amazon hasn’t revealed any future plans or goals yet.

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