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What is Wickr? How safe is it?

What is Wickr? How safe is it?
What is Wickr? How safe is it?

Wickr is a free app that lets you send self-destructing messages to your friends and family. It is the safest way to communicate, as it doesn’t save any of your data on their servers or have any logs of when or who you sent messages to. You can also only use Wickr for one hour each day, so not everyone will be able to see what you’re sending out. The App Store has rated Wickr 4 stars based on its reviews.

Wickr is an American software company, which is mostly known for its instant messenger application Wickr Me. There are 2 Wickr apps one being Wickr me for private use and Wickr pro for Professional use. Wickr’s app allows users to converse by end-to-end encrypted and content-expiring messages, which include photos, videos, and file attachments.

What is Wickr and Specifications

  1. It is available on almost all platforms from iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows to Linux Operating Systems. 
  2. One doesn’t need a phone number to create an account. 
  3. The max attachment file that can be sent is 10MB.
  4. Mobile apps have a Dark Mode. ( PC doesn’t so that’s a turn off )
  5. The app has self-destructing messages.
  6. The app and the server are completely open-source.

How Safe is it: Don’t worry we’ll tell you 

Wickr Me has a built-in approach on how you would like to view messages. Imagine starting up the application, you could set Face-Id to unlock it so people won’t be able to peek into your texts. You can lock messages too, but every time you get a new message then you’d have to tap on it and unlock it which may be a little overcritical, but you can disable it as well. 

Now here comes the neat part. The company doesn’t collect the clients’ data, it’s not implicated in giving clients’ data to intelligence agencies and there is surveillance capability built into the app. 

In conclusion: Safe and Secure

Its messaging application is safe and secure. The content is not stored on their servers. Wickr Me/Pro is as safe as they come.

For more about their security, check this out,                                                

To download Wickr go to this site

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